30HR Breathwork (Pranayama) Respiratory Neurosciences


30Hr Online Immersion



30HR Neuro-Informed Wellness & Breathwork (Pranayama) Training


DATES: SEPT 12 – SEPT 20 & SEPT 26 – OCT 7, weekends off, livestream class from:
930-1130 am PST or watch later in day/evening – access the classes for six months post-course.

EARLY BIRD $400 + tx ends AUGUST 15



This training is a continuing education course (recognized by the Yoga Alliance) in pranayama, meditation, and current neuroscience research.

All are welcome. You don’t need to be a teacher. See below pre-req’s. Class is uploaded daily to access at a do-at-your-own-pace and available for up to six months post training.

30HR Neuro-Informed Wellness & Breathwork (Pranayama) Training:

– Each day will either begin or end with a pranayama session varying in style

– I will include worksheets for pranayama types in this training (a manual)

– This training is a pranayama training but it will also include a strong emphasis on mental health issues and how breath work can (or cannot) help as a tool. Recent research up to date from the Faculty of Neuroscience, King’s College London, will also be included. Meditation will also be integrated in discussion and teachings.

– There will be one trauma-informed session with a guest teacher (TBA)

Other topics will include:

– Oxygen & the planet
– Fascia & Respiration
– The Psoas, Diaphragm & Abdomen
– Pranayama Types
– Pelvic Diaphragm
– Nose vs Mouth Breathing
– Lungs
– Neuroendocrine system
– Poly-vagal Theory
– History of Pranayama
– Luminaries of Pranayama
– Pedagogy
– Identifying ways you can incorporate it into your life/business practice
– Ethical practices & considerations of the above


Why learn this?

Respiratory sciences, meditation and pranayama are allies in our collective mental wellness and are being integrated into many workplaces beyond yoga studios. Knowing how to skillfully integrate tools will help your offerings as a coach, parent, guide, mentor, teacher, dula/midwife, therapist, bodyworker. Breath is one of the most accessible tools regardless of age, fitness, persons with disabilities; foundational for nervous system self-regulation, sleep and overall wellness. Yet so many don’t know how due to trauma, illness, even culture. This requires an embodiment of the practices (self-study) and a strong foundation of science in order to be a skillful guide. What NOT to do is as important as teaching what to do.

About Julia: I am currently studying my Masters in Neuroscience and Mental Health with Kings College London and have my B.Ed in Kinesiology from McGill. I have graduated over 800 teachers from my school and have taught yoga, pranayama and meditation for twenty years. My first teacher in the passing of pranayama wisdom was Sri Tiwari Ji, a leading authority in pranayama and direct disciple of late Swami Kuvalayanandaji, founder of Kaivalyadhama, a pioneer institute in the field of scientific research in yoga. I have taught extensively in pranayama, nervous system and mental health, neuroendocrine system, digestive, lymphatic and respiratory systems.

* A small portion of each tuition fee towards: BC Indian Residential School Survivors Society out of Vancouver, BC, to contribute in my small way to Truth & Reconciliation, Canada.

Pre-requisites for all courses:

a) That you are either a non-smoker, or someone determined to quit in partnership with this course. Make a pact with us and let us support!

b) An open mind. That you arrive like an empty cup.

c) You are a lover of good health would like to learn more and help others for the greater good.

These courses will be registered with my school via The Yoga Alliance and can contribute to continuing education credits. However, you do not have to be a yoga teacher to attend.

Do this course at your own pace. Upon completion we can also book an appointment to go over certification option if this interests you.