300 HR TRAINING 2018

From June – October

Over nine weekends


Britannia, B.C.



BRITANNIA, B.C (South of Squamish)

DATES – All are Friday thru Sunday – All Fridays begin late, 2pm start til 9pm: 

June 15,16,17

June 22, 23, 24

July 13,14,15

July 27,28,29

Sept 7,8,9

Sept 21,22,23

Oct 5,6,7

Oct 19,20,21

Oct 26,27,28



I decided to keep it local and easy for B.C dwellers and adventurers who want to take the trek North. I have rented a gorgeous home space with crazy views of the ocean, floor to ceiling windows, snuggled high up in the hills of Britannia, B.C, about 15 minutes South of Squamish and around a 40 min drive from Vancouver. This training doesn’t include accommodation – but I can steer you toward potential rental properties nearby.


The maximum amount of weekends missed is TWO. Please know these weekend(s) in advance if this is the case. (No last minute texts or complacency is tolerated unless it is an emergency). I HIGHLY discourage missing any weekends – but understand that life happens. In this case, there will be make-up homework, completion of public classes in your area and a recording of our class to listen to. If this isn’t followed through you will be given a temporary Certificate of Completion until you complete extra requirements – so to maintain the integrity of the course.



This course is designed for current teachers, grads of 200hr programs and committed practitioners. This is a Yoga Alliance registered course. This is an educational training built to empower you as a business owner, leader in yoga – anyone inspired to excel and refine. If you have not been a part of a 200hr training but want to attend, be in touch so we can discuss your experience to see if this is appropriate for you. This is not a course for beginners.

The course is divided in two parts:

a) We will spend the weekends in asana, pranayama and study.

b) The remaining non-contact hours will be completed over the year. This non-contact time will consist of homework, ongoing practice, assignments and the follow-through of a Passion Project Summit. (see below)



The mornings will begin with progressive asana (Iyengar/Anusara/Forrest Yoga influenced). It will be advanced in the sense that it will include self-care for you, a therapeutic and deep approach – integrating Kundalini Kriyas and longer meditations. It will not be advanced in the sense that we will be doing wild backbends and inversions every day (only sometimes!) Theory and hands-on work will include learning therapeutics for common injuries and ailments – building your confidence in working with and around injured students – while being respectful to other modaties of healing. It will not be a lesson in extensive anatomy – rather basic anatomy, study of classic ailments (i.e What is SI joint dysfunction? What is sciatica?) body energetics, symbolic sight (seeing intuitively) and using your hands and words in a helpful manner. This is not a course to replace the knowledge of physios/chiros but rather to arm you with basic knowledge that will increase your confidence in working with private students and knowing how to respond with empathy and basic tools.

We will be nerding out big time in our afternoon sessions! There will be pre-readings as well. Expect deep inquiry regarding both modern & ancient studies, a toe-dip into the world of Tantric studies, energetic studies (the application of energy anatomy in your own body and seeing it in others) and much more!



Since 2012, I have given out an annual Passion Project scholarship – a pay-it-forward initiative where I support a vision or dream of a student, so long as it has a ripple effect – and in return that student is gifted a spot in one of my trainings. For this 300 hour, all students who arrive will be involved in a group Passion Project based on the topic of Community.

This year’s training will kickstart this Summit – over several afternoon roundtable discussions and then carried out by you and your classmates over the year once the course is over. The project takes shape by YOU and what all of you decide the project to be. This is an opportunity to collaborate, think big, create a dream project with others –  to apply what is learned on the mat, off the mat (as Seane Corn coined). I will simply act as a mediator at the start and give you time together to create your plan. We will discuss: What does community mean? How has this changed? How does yoga embody this? What’s missing? Cultural differences in community. How has digital communication enhanced/degraded our understanding of it? What defines a yoga community? It will be up to you and everyone else who arrives to formulate where and how a project can reflect the theme of community.

This is not up to me…rather up to the 10+ of you and your creative vision. All of you will be accountable to seeing through your designated part once the training ends. Your interpretation, imagination and ideas for broadening a global community – this is the exciting part. The answer is in your heart and not yet tangible – it requires an open mind, a willingness to work with others, active listening and creativity. For example, if all of you decided you wanted to focus on how music creates community – it will be up to all of you the how,when,where, a mission statement and what your pay-it-forward project will look like.



Certification of the 300Hr program will only be given upon completion of all the days, all non-contact hour homework, online assignments as well as follow-through of your part in the project collaboration. This will be done on an individual basis pending on your effort, consistency and attitude. You will be given a Certificate of Completion instead of full Yoga Allliance certification if any part is missing. This also holds true if I feel you need major work in a certain area, especially aspiring teachers and may require continued mentorship from a local senior teacher or via one of my mentorship programs. This will not be a cake walk. It is my intention that you reap the rewards of hard work while having fun, building community and excelling as a teacher – whether you aspire to eventually lead your own retreats or own your own studio – or not. Your learning is my top priority.



I only run a 300hr every few years and this one already feels magical!  Location matters when people gather together with a powerful intention. The drive up to this treehouse-like modern estate is breathtaking. The view is one of the most beautiful I have experienced in my time living in the area. We are tucked away near a stunning water fall, mossy forest, serene quiet and will practice with all in view behind massive windows – and outdoor deck.



Fridays: I thought for city dwellers, we could begin Fridays around 2pm, so to take afternoons off and beat the traffic. We will work late on Fridays, until 9pm.

Saturdays: 7am-6pm

Sundays: 7am – 6pm



Investment – $4050

If you require help in spreading this out, there are various payment plans and I am open to helping you divide the payments up as you need. To hold your spot, I ask for an initial $500 deposit. The space holds a maximum of 15 students. Comittment is key to the learning.

I am also offering a scholarship to attend this training for those seeking financial assistance. See the scholarship page.




Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga