Instant access to hundreds of sweaty, restorative and breath-only classes ranging 20-60 min in length.


$43mth CDN or $357.50 annual membership gives you 24-7 access to a library of classes:

  • You can pause your subscription for up to three months anytime, as many times as you need
  • Classes are mostly intermediate, with a smaller library for raw beginners
  • Classes often offer “layers” for you to stay at the level you feel comfortable at, easier to more difficult
  • 30 – 60 – 90 minute class options
  • Class categories include: Restorative/Yin Classes, Sweat & Detox, Hips, Hamstrings, Leg Strength, Shoulders, Glutes, Core, Twists, Backbends, as well as anatomy cueing: hormones and organs
  • There is also a Pranayama or breathwork-only library: This is one of the more popular parts of my studio. I often cue neuroscience here, as well as energetic anatomy in alignment with seasons, hormones, moods and pathologies like depression, anxiety and energetic toxicity that come with being human
  • “If you want to sweat” classes – are NEW as of late 2022. This a hybrid “cathartic” flow class with gluteals, cardio bursts, lots of sweat and core work to give you more of a “workout” feel
  • Access to LIVE STREAMING is updated daily, delivering fresh content and time relevant to the seasons, moons, time of year, winter to summer style practices
  • Continuing educational material is also available for purchase/rental for teachers, wellness professionals and those who love to go deeper!
  • There are no refunds with your subscription, nor is it transferable to others



Mon-Fri: 8-930am (PST)* This schedule changes as of May-June 2023 to 7-830am PST for the summer months

7-730am (pranayama – breath-work only for 30 min)


730-830am (asana)* some classes through the summer months will be shorter (30-45 min) 

You can show up for one or both. You will receive a separate email with a Zoom link to join us upon registration.

Please note all classes will be uploaded for anytime-use to the digital studio.





I began teaching from my living room in response to the unfortunate covid crisis in March of 2020. What began as a simple way to keep me sane is now a big beautiful community.

Most classes are filmed in my living room or travel abroad; I take you with me.

When you subscribe, you will have instant access to a huge library of pre-recorded classes. You will also be emailed a Zoom meeting invite to attend LIVE STREAMING classes – real vibes are loved too! 

If you join LIVE, we begin with high-quality breath work/pranayama for the first thirty minutes, followed by sixty minutes of therapeutic/often sweaty asana – all from my humble abode! (Sub-par cinematography, good company;).

Who is this for? Anyone! The library gives you access to a wide range of classes 30 – 90 minutes in length: a) breath-only b) restorative c) vinyasa/stronger asana. Most classes are safe for beginners, but please note that they aren’t for raw beginners – however if you browse “beginners”, you can find some classes.

What if I can’t make it LIVE? Classes will be recorded and uploaded daily if you seek fresh content! (Beginning Sept 1st – see above).

What do you need for a home practice? a) Have a clear WIFI connection. b) Ideally, have a clean, quiet space to practice from.  c) A yoga mat, ideally a block (grab a thick book if need be), a strap (or a towel/tie/t-shirt) and a flat pillow for sitting or sensitive knees.

What is pranayama? Breathwork. We do basic pranayama and Kundalini Kriyas (or sets of breath exercises in combination with either movement/mantra). The daily class begins this way for the first 30 min. You can choose to do just this practice on its own; some students enjoy this – and then continue into meditation, or you can stay through the entire practice. Be open-minded when first trying this, as it can be weird!

In advance, pranayama can be extremely helpful in creating ease and space in the body. However, some common contraindications as pranayama change the pressure in your body: Pregnancy and the first three months especially (avoid uddiyana bandha, kapalabhati, bhastrika – anything vigorous on the belly) anxiety and those prone to panic attacks – some of the same intense breathing can trigger those already in an anxious state (while for others it may help them pending on the severity of anxiousness/disassociation) heart conditions, those prone to seizures, concussions/head/neck injuries – again pending on timing and severity, glaucoma/sinus/ear issues, high blood pressure, low blood pressure – for low the common side effect may be dizziness or faintness, recent abdominal surgery, hernia, ulcer, cysts, women postpartum – be mindful of breath that irritates the affected area.

What if I’m injured for the asana portion? Let me know in advance and I may have some insights. But like all physical activity speak with your doctor or use your own discretion and intuition when it comes to conditions, injuries etc.

Can I share or record the classes? You have the first three days free when you sign up! The classes are available 24-7, and downloadable workshops will be available for purchase. To share with friends, let them know they can sign up too with the first three days as a trial upon subscribing.

There are no refunds with your subscription, nor is it transferable to others



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Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga