Nov 4-30, 2018

Samata Holistic Retreat Center, Arambol, India 

200 HR YOGA ALLIANCE TRAINING with co-teacher Sarah Zandbeek


LOCATION: Samata Holistic Retreat Center (lush village outside of Arambol, Goa, India)


ABOUT THE PROGRAM: This course is designed for students who love yoga, are looking for a transformative journey and prospective teachers. It includes daily intense asana, pranayama, meditation, teaching methodology, asana clinic/hands on assists, history, philosoph and subtle anatomy. Sarah and I come from different lineages and ways of learning – yin and yang in a way! Our bios can be found at the below BIL travel link as well. Sarah and I have held a retreat together in BC as well as a 200 hour in 2016 in India. It is our mission to ensure this program is of the highest integrity and education. We are similar but different in our offerings as a teacher with various backgrounds and academic studies in Kinesiology (Julia) and Chinese Medicine (Sarah). The course will be a blend of integrity, tradition and modernity. There are three pre-requisite readings: Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Anatomy of the Spirit. Each book interweaves with each module and will help you develop a whole new language with yoga.

About Samata: 

If you’ve never been to India, there is a common hesitancy for some students – it’s far away, has a reputation for being intense, noisy, busy and a hard find for clean veggie food (Delhi Belly!). Sarah and I taught at Samata for six weeks in the fall of 2016 and both of us were blown away by the peacefulness, lushness of green, high standards of food preparation and overall mindfulness practiced. It is a place like no other in terms of quiet and solace. There is an onsite garden from which most of the food comes from, well-fed showers, and Kangen filtration is also practiced for our drinking water. The head gardener created a Garden of Eden from what was deemed infertile soil. The staff is kind and go above and beyond to make sure all is running smoothly and safely. The food prepared by Tess and the kitchen staff is outta control healthy and vegetarian – based on the ancient practices of Ayurveda we felt the healthiest we have felt.

All of the rooms, even if shared, provide an adequate amount of space for privacy and comfort with beautiful views of the jungle and garden. The Samata team is a powerhouse of experts/resources for onsite Ayurveda/natural foods, medicines, acupuncture and massage. There is laundry ($5 or so per wash), a teardrop pool, AC in each room, WIFI and daily room cleaning.

The yoga space is spacious, high ceilings, with a full coverage bug net (pretty awesome). There are props available: mats, bolsters, blocks, straps, blankets if you want to travel lightly.

The neighboring villages are also so lovely. I ran around them during sunrise and sunset most days and received nothing but smiles and the odd heckle. During festivals the locals walk the streets, celebrate puja and past graduates felt nothing but at home here.

Visit Samata’s Website:

Example Schedule:

630-8a.m: Breakfast spread (fruit, coffee, tea, gluten free breads, porridge)

8-12pm: (Sarah and Julia alternate leading practice: asana, pranayama, meditation)

12-2pm: Break for lunch

2-6pm: (Sarah and Julia together/separate – asana clinic, theory, advanced studies in Intro to Chinese Medicine, Tantra and more) Guest teachers are also TBA: Stephen Thomas (Pranayama) and Lessons on Ayurveda (TBA)

630pm – Dinner


Please email Chris or Melissa at Breathe in Life, they handle anything and everything you need beyond the course material: and