Oct 1-24, 2021
Location: Los Cardones, Nicaragua

October 1-24, 2021

DATES: October 1-24, 2021 * Date change due to covid


This course is designed for students who are looking to immerse in yoga for personal growth or teach yoga. The desire to teach is not a pre-requisite to take this course, however, to uphold the integrity of this experience I will approach this program with the mindset as though I am training all of you to be the best teachers out there. It is my school’s mission statement to teach you with integrity, tradition and modernity in fusion with your personality and offerings. Of course – to have fun as well! However, expect hard work in between play.

  • The morning asana practice will be 2.5-3 hours in length, we begin with the foundation and build. The style is strong hatha (think slow vinyasa with longer holds, alignment and a sprinkling of flow practices. I am a “breath-centric” teacher, meaning class with I will always begin and end with some form of pranayama and meditation.
  • Daily asana clinic of around 100 foundational postures, basic cueing and pedagogy
  • Daily practice teaching of “bare bones” – massaging your “teachers voice” beginning with the basics and then building
  • Learn the Sanskrit names of all postures
  • Anatomy – Basic anatomy, important anatomical reference points in yoga, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia. Focus on shoulder complex, knees, hips and spine.
  • Traditional practices of mantra, chanting and its history
  • We will also look briefly at an overview of yoga history to give you context where we come from
  • We will read and discuss the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Anatomy of the Spirit (one of the first books in N.A to pioneer discussion of chakra anatomy).
  • We will read the Bhagavad Gita and understand why it is a classic discourse in yoga
  • We will read The Anatomy of the Spirit – and better understand the qualities of the chakras
  • We will review vinyasa karma – the art of basic sequencing for a vinyasa class
  • Study what is pranayama, types of pranayama practices and Kundalini (this relates to the above).
  • Why meditate? Mantras, chanting and more

There will be other pre-requisite readings: TBA

Material for the course:

  • Please purchase the Complete Anatomy App (3D Anatomy) – This can be made available on both your phone AND laptop through iTunes. It is an incredibly helpful visual tool for understanding the human body.
  • Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, BKS Iyengar
  • Bhagavad Gita, Stephen Mitchell’s interpretation
  • Anatomy of the Spirit, Carolyn Myss


Ten year’s ago I held my first 200 hour training at Los Cardones so I thought it would be appropriate to celebrate ten years, this fall, with the same training – refined and evolved. It brings me such joy to return and celebrate through education, sunset chats and learning in an idyllic environment. Watch this video, filmed at Los Cardones by Pete Longworth, to hear my homage to Nica, Los Cardones and beloved students: 


Los Cardones is one of my happy places where I have held yoga teacher training programs and retreats for ten years. It is an eco-surf lodge, well-loved by the local villagers. Izic and Laure are surf bums at heart who built their dream from the ground-up and have lived in Nicaragua with their three children for sixteen years. I love this place with all my heart. You will too.


TUITION & INVESTMENT: The below pricing includes the 200hr training, two manuals, shared accommodation (solo accom costs extra, pls inquire as space is limited) breakfast, lunch and dinner. This doesn’t include extra books on reading list, flight or extras listed below.

$3500 USD Early bird (Before July 1st, 2021)

$4000 USD (After July 1, 2021)

To secure a spot, please send an e-transfer of $500 USD (non-refundable, CDN equivalent) to:

**Please communicate if you’d like to set up a breakdown of smaller payments prior to training.

The below is a brief overview for 200 hour students: 

Week One: Afternoon sessions will include:
Assigned reading & discussion of: Bhagavad Gita, Jnana/Karma/Kriya Yoga, brief history of yoga, posture & beginner teaching clinics, intro to art of sequencing, whys of mantra/chanting/meditation

Week Two: Afternoon sessions will include:
Assigned reading & discussion of: Light on the Yoga Sutras, Yamas/Niyamas/Kleshas/continued posture & teaching clinics, yoga anatomy and hands on therapeutics

Week Three and Four: Afternoon Sessions will include: Assigned reading & discussion of Anatomy of the Spirit and Light on Life, subtle anatomy,chakras, nadis, vayus, koshas, continued posture & teaching clinics, final exam & practical exam for full-certification students.

We spend around 150 hours or so together – the Yoga Alliance calls these “Contact Hours”. The remaining hours are considered “Non-Contact Hours.”  For example, assigned readings, homework, practice teaching when I’m not around to supervise are considered Non-Contact. As for teaching, it’s a personal decision for many – some prefer to stay put as a student, for others it is a strong call. Either way, it’s an education you won’t regret.

There are many methods of yoga that essentially lead us all to the same place – which is why I find it difficult to label my school to one “type” of yoga. I will prepare you to teach a strong, flow, sometimes called a “power” or vinyasa style class. You can expect a great deal of attention will be paid to alignment, clarity and method during our time together. I am deeply invested in how breath work helps alter the physical and mental experience of all practitioners for the better.

EXTRAS TO BUDGET FOR: $70 – 100 USDs one way for in-person, airport pick-up, we will arrange this for you, flight to and from Managua airport, massage ($20 USD in cash only), extra beverages outside of juice, coffee, tea, extra nights at LC, horseback rides, surf board rentals.

For all inquiries PLEASE EMAIL me DIRECTLY:


Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga