Oct 18 – 25, 2022















Rest, Yoga, Surf, Ocean Conservation, Digital Detox


OCT 18 – 25, 2022



Who is this for?


This is for anybody who is dreaming to be a part of a fun, restorative, off-the-tourist-circuit kind of adventure!

It is YOUR week to curate: Relax and sleep in a hammock, daily yoga + sweat, surf, healthy food, detox from your devices as an option (I encourage this although WIFI is available upon request), read a book, eat over candlelight and connect with wonderful people. The weather is hot, humid and sunny most days during rainy season. Be prepared for wild storms as we arrive during rainy season. Typically it rains for an hour each day followed by hot sunshine. Expect wild nature, the most gorgeous sunsets and a lullaby of waves. Surf as much as you want. Don’t surf if you don’t want to. Nap. Good conversations. Healthy alone time….a retreat should feel like a treat! There is minimal electricity onsite and the bungalows have ceiling fans, natural showers. Off-site rentals are also available (see below pricing) and limited as well during fall season.

During our week, we are (kinda) off the grid. WIFI is available upon request and 5G is accessible as well (but can be sketchy). This is a great place to detox from modern addictions to laptops, cellphones, social media and to keep it real. In the past many students have done this.

The accommodation is shared beach bungalows (singles available upon request, although limited and may cost more pending on numbers). Bigger homes are also available off-site for larger groups or those of you fancying a bit more swank 😉 Full transparency: Los Cardones is not a swanky spa hotel at ALL but this is part of its charm and uniqueness. There are bug netted beds. Wild storms and creatures outside at night. Sometimes a bat will fly over your head at night or a frog might be in your shower and you will have to be okay with this! 

It’s an easy and bumpy 90 minute – two hour drive to Los Cardones from Managua International Airport. We will arrange pick-up and drop-off for you in advance. Car rental isn’t recommended. 


Who is this NOT for?


If you are looking for a five-star spa experience, admit to being high maintenance and are afraid of thunderstorms and/or iguanas… you may want to reconsider! Also, if you are suffering from a medical condition that may require instant care if an emergency occurred, we are two hours from the nearest hospital and in the middle of nowhere. As with all adventure travel, risk is always there. 




Because we all need it.


The Yoga:


The style of yoga will be a daily and sweaty vinyasa and pranayama practice structured around the surf each morning. Typically from 9am-11am. As well at night (pre-sunset) we will do a restorative/yin practice from 430-6pm. Some students skip to surf as well. Our practice will also include meditation (for all levels).  It will be inclusive so no one is left behind. This is NOT a teacher training. The goal is to leave you to feeling filled up, restored and shining by day seven.


The Revival Project, 4th Edition:


This retreat also includes an optional hands-on component. You can participate a little or not at all. This is a give-back, elbow grease kind of adventure for the gorgeous Los Cardones eco-surf community. Izic and Laure have committed to sustainability, eco-friendly, surf culture and ethical practices.

We will rebuild a turtle nursery together. It’s a bit of a chore – if you’re up for it. There were 14 of us pre-covid and it was still a grunt! We will dedicate two afternoons to helping rebuild it.

Beach clean ups is something I like to do daily, even just on a morning walk. We will do a big one together.





Los Cardones is one of my happy places where I have held yoga teacher training programs and retreats for ten years. It is an eco-surf lodge, well-loved by the local villagers. Izic and Laure are surf bums at heart, hailing from Miami and France. They built their dream from the ground-up and live in with their three children. I love this place with all my heart.  You will too.


Los Cardones website: 


Cost: $1604 – $2880 USD per person (+tax)


Pricing varies per cabana/bungalow and if you share a space or not. This includes seven nights lodging, meals, drinks (non-alcoholic) and yoga. Extra night discount 10% off Los Cardones lodge rates

Space is limited. Book soon!

The below prices includes tax, seven nights of shared accommodation (single accommodation is limited and extra for this request) all food (three meals so yummy), non-alcoholic drinks, two yoga sessions daily. Vegetarian, vegan etc. available upon request. To view all the accommodation, go to 

** pp = per person ** Canadian 5% GST tax is also added onto the below price when converted (ugh taxes!)

Single occupancy beach cabaña  = $1604 USD

Double & triple occupancy beach cabana (2-3adults) = $1523 USD pp

Triple occupancy (3 adults) ocean view bungalow = $2023 USD pp

Double occupancy ocean view bungalow (2 adults) = $2204 USD pp

Single occupancy ocean view bungalow = $2880 USD

If you rent a home, the fee for food + retreat participation is $1200 USD (+tax)

Inquire about renting a home outside of Los Cardones here  

The check-in is the morning of October 18, typically by 10am or so, check-out on the morning of October 25, by 10am. However, you can chill all day at Los Cardones before your flight.  If you want to book extra nights before or after these dates, please arrange separately with Los Cardones. Guests typically fly in the evening before into Managua airport and either arrange an extra night at Los Cardones (late evening pick up can be arranged) OR spend the night at Managua Best Western and get the morning shuttle. Let us know!

KIDS* – Be in touch as it varies with kids ages etc. and if we can squeeze y’all into a private bungalow. If this is the case, be in touch sooner than later as last year sold out. Kids 0-3 are free. Kid rate 4-12. 13 + adult pricing. Please email me to discuss kid rates.


To Register: Please email me at


Additional Costs (in USDs) and Info:


Airport transfer – Budget around $100 USDs each way (it gets cheaper with groups)

Massages $20(1hr full body)

Horseback riding $12 (1.5hr)

Surfboard rentals $25/day or $150 per week

Surf lessons $15/hr or $30/hr with board included

Spanish lesson ($7)

Guided nature tour $10 per group of 1-4 (1hr)

Sea turtle nursery : observe sea turtle nesting and hatching (free)

Community outreach and Volunteering (cost of transportation)

Beer, rum, wines are available for purchase 

Also available for free: volleyball, basket ball, soccer, pingpong, horseshoe, boardgames, slackline…




Los Cardones is very much “off the grid” which is to our advantage with COVID still lurking around if this is something that concerns you. Once you get to Los Cardones, other than our group, you won’t see that many more people. There are ZERO tourist traps. We are in paradise. Beautiful ocean, massive beaches and sky. Not much of anything else. Zero towns to walk to….You come to Los Cardones, you don’t really want to leave. It’s the best.

Vaccination is a choice and it is up to you to decide what you want to do with your body, bear in mind there will be differences of freedom to travel for non-vaccinated travellers vs vaccinated (Although this may change by the fall).

Currently if you are Canadian and you have documentation of both vax shots uploaded to the ARRIVECAN app upon re-entry, Please review all COVID-19 protocol here.

Here is all the information for Nicaragua’s protocol for COVID-19

Please make sure you purchase insurance with your flights so you aren’t disappointed in the case of an emergency.