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If you have made it to this page – I welcome you! You are a step away from studying and healing your body at the most beautiful place on the planet! Grab a cuppa tea and have a thorough read as a 300hr is both a rewarding and challenging adventure.

You are most likely someone who is keen to learn and embody body-mind-science principles, and are excited to travel to a beautiful place to do so.

If you have any questions, please email juliamariemccabe@gmail.com – either Julia or her assistant will be happy to answer you!

PS if you scroll to the bottom, a poetic Vimeo filmed by Pete Longworth in 2013 was taken during a 300Hr taught at Los Cardones. It will give you an idea of the property’s beauty. Also link to loscardones.com to view the property.



My history runs deep with Los Cardones, as it has been a second home for me through thick and thin! It is safe, beautiful and an idyllic setting to study and move your body in.


The location of Los Cardones is a 90-min drive from Managua International Airport. We will pick you up from the airport! The eco-lodge is remote, far away from bars, shops or cheesy tourist traps – allowing for peaceful study and practice. The easiness of the cool stone paths toward ocean beneath your bare feet, and the gentle canopies of cabana blending in with jungle leaves are all designed and built by Izic, one of the owners. It is quiet, vast and has an auspicious energy that reflect the ancient petroglyphs a few hundred feet behind the grounds.


The owners of Los Cardones are cool as heck and down to earth. Laure and Izic are originally from France/Florida. They met in school, graduated with impressive degrees in Engineering, and then canned the idea of a conventional office job that denied them of their passion for surf. They scouted the Pacific coast to build their dream and found it! Twenty years later, Los Cardones has survived a pandemic and protests. Izic and Laure have lived full time in Nicaragua through it all, where they have raised three beautiful children. There is a wave called “Laure’s Wave” where I would watch her surf years ago during her third pregnancy with ease…no big deal!


Is it safe? Yes. I have travelled to Los Cardones by myself as a single woman after the 2018 protests. As well during COVID and even drove between Nica and Costa Rica during this time. I have lived solo for two months during COVID with only the security guard to high five at night and I felt totally safe. Nicaragua has had its history of civil unrest and protests – which is sad and mostly fuelled by a corrupt, greedy government. If you go to the Gov of Can website it will caution you as a traveller. However, the country has been virtually quiet and you will not feel any of this history at Los Cardones. At Los Cardones all cabins have safety deposit boxes, locked doors and a security staff is onsite 24-7. In my twelve years there has only been one incident (theft) that was quickly handled by Izic and Laure.

Like anywhere (consider Vancouver’s crime!) Nica is a third world country where you need to exercise common sense: locking doors, not assuming that you can leave valuables unattended and not walking the city streets at night alone when you’re in Managua. All common sense!


The time of year, weather, and surf: If you’re a surfer, Nov 19 – Dec 10 is crackin’. The ocean is on FIRE with beautiful waves. (I’m not a surfer, but I say all of this with some knowledge of having been there at all times of year, Nov-Dec is glorious). You will have full access to the ocean that is virtually empty of lineups and Hawaiian bad attitude. LC is also coral/reef-free meaning you will not bloody yourself in the ocean either 🙂

Please note, however, that the training is number one, surfing if it is your obsession…will have to be number two. (I’m sorry to make you choose!) Class will take up at least nine hours of our day. You will need sleep, hydration, alone time – and rest as well.


The weather in Nov-Dec is post-rainy season. Given climate change, however, rainy season typically finishes in November, with the occasional daily thunderstorm. It is HOT midday, however, Los Cardones has excellent shade structure. We will be working outdoors under a main shade structure with plenty of time for breaks, hydration and quick ocean dips. The cold water showers are also a welcomed experience at LC.


The accommodations this year will be two options a) Onsite at Los Cardones for those of you who love simplicity, the beach bungalows with natural ocean breeze and cold water showers – and b) Off-site accommodations that a few steps away to rental homes with air conditioning and a bit more modern etc. You will most likely be sharing a bungalow with one other, however, single accommodation is available. (See below pricing/tuition).



This course is a blended-learning model. This is designed as well so you will only need to take three weeks off work, not two months! 

In-person classes: Nicaragua, Nov 19 – Dec 10, 2023 = 21 days x 9 hour days

Online classes: Monday, Weds & Thursday evenings only = 5-9pm, Jan 8 – Feb 29, 2024

Course completion: March 1st



This course is designed for committed practitioners, current teachers or those in wellness, AND/OR grads of 200hr programs. If you have not been a part of a 200hr training but want to attend, that is fine, we just need to have a quick chat first. This is not a course for raw beginners with little to no practice in yoga, rather the minimum is someone with a simple/modest practice who is keen to advance their learning and understanding of yoga therapeutics, modern wellness, philosophy and the nexus of all three with science/anatomy. 

This is also a Yoga Alliance registered course and an educational training built to empower you as a business owner, leader in wellness – anyone inspired to excel and refine. I don’t go by the book with the Yoga Alliance’s in terms of in-person time, vs not, to be transparent if you want to get. However, I do go by their standards set. Our online time is used to cover anatomy, neuro-informed and nervous system teachings etc. that works better online than in person, in my opinion. And again, for our together time to be more efficient in covering the in person embodiment practices.




Completion Requirements:

Students must attend 80% of all classes (all classes will be recorded, however, attending livestream for the online component is highly recommended for passing). If you miss over two and a half days you will be given a certificate of completion (rather than the official 300Hr to teach) so to uphold the standard of this program ● Punctuality ● Class participation, kindness, professionalism, engagement, active listening and respect to fellow students and teachers ● Have a passing grade of no less than 65% in course ● Have paid the course tuitions in full.


Certification of the 300Hr program will only be given upon completion of all the days, all non-contact hour homework and daily participation.  If you miss over two and a half days you will be given a certificate of completion (rather than the official 300Hr to teach) so to uphold the standard of this program. The full certification will be given once the missed days are be made up post-training on a private level. I will explain this in person.

If you are a seasoned teacher and advanced practitioner, it is essential that you arrive as an empty cup and with a beginner mindset!


ESL (English as a second language) students are welcome of course, however, please reach out,  as fluency in English will be necessary to understand the range of material.


It is also important to also take time to consider if have a disease, illness or condition that may require immediate medical attention or impede the process of your learning. I welcome ALL bodies and believe in the healing medicine of this practice no matter your challenges. However, it’s important to know that Los Cardones is an hour from the nearest hospital. You must be someone who is up for adventure travel, be physically fit to travel by air and have consulted with your doctor before attending this training if you do have a physical condition that may be agitated or harmful if unattended to in the case of an emergency. You will not have immediate medical assistance.


The style of asana, movement and yoga therapy: The mornings of the first week will begin with progressive asana so everyone is on the same page. The style modulates between strong alignment, hatha yoga principles and catharsis via breath (I do this a lot in my own practice – and will teach you the physiological sigh, shaking, jumping and cleansing breath). The practice will also follow the cadence at times of a slowed down vinyasa or “power” practice with precision and alignment.

Each day there will be a focus anatomically and/or aligned with the theory of the day or previous afternoon. It will also be advanced in the sense that it will include, at minimum, an hour of pranayama and meditation and self-care practices. There will be an integration of Kundalini Kriyas that are infused with longer meditations. It will not be advanced in the sense that we will be doing wild backbends and inversions every day (only sometimes!)

The yoga therapy will be a strong integration of anatomy, physiology and philosophy – what Caroline Myss calls “symbolic sight.” The mindbodysoul connection as being one in the same. We will them in parts and then see how they marry together.


Syllabus Overview:

  • Daily asana
  • Journalling, pre-readings and homework preceding and during training
  • 60 min daily pranayama – Neuro-informed and its therapeutic application to practice
  • Musculoskeletal anatomy: bones, muscles, fascia and why this matters to yoga therapy
  • Application of musculoskeletal anatomy with therapeutic movement/asana
  • Body energetics, symbolic sight (seeing intuitively) and using your hands and words in a helpful manner. This is not a course to replace the knowledge of physio/chiro but rather to arm you with basic knowledge that will increase your confidence in working with private students and knowing how to respond with empathy and basic tool
  • Advanced anatomy and physiology: digestion, circulation, hormones and the endocrine system
  • Yoga philosophy + anatomical blueprints of the above (nadis, chakras, vayus, bandhas, kundalini)
  • Neuroscience 101 and neuro-informed language: the CNS (brain, spinal cord) and PNS (peripheral nervous system)
  • Meditation techniques and the nervous system
  • Pathology & Stress: Mental Health and Global Wellness
  • The brain science behind depression, anxiety, bipolar, ADD and other common pathologies of the mind/nervous system
  • Trauma 101: Guest teacher (8hours) Big T and little “t” trauma and trauma-informed language
  • Theory and hands-on work will include learning therapeutics for common injuries and ailments. This includes building your confidence in working with and around injured students while being respectful to other modalities of healing. It will not be a lesson in extensive anatomy – rather basic anatomy, study of classic ailments (i.e What is SI joint dysfunction? What is sciatica? What can we do as teachers?)
  • Theming and in-depth sequencing of classes
  • And more!



  • There will be pre-readings to compliment this course, as well TBA upon registration.
  • There will be a visiting teacher in the topic of trauma-informed language
  • The Complete Anatomy App is also excellent as it provides 3D anatomy and is a visual study aid.


TUITION & ACCOMMODATION: Please note, solo accommodation is limited and on a first come, first serve basis. Otherwise, you will be sharing a bungalow with only one other.

The below costs include 21 days of accommodation, all three meals and beverages, taxes and educational training tuition fee (with the exception of your books and anatomy app).

Payment can be made in USD, CAD or your home currency via e-transfer, bank to bank, PayPal. However, all money must be converted to the USD amount based on that day’s bank exchange. Please note tuition fee transfers via Credit card payments can also be made via Square – however, with additional Square fees as well as PayPal charges.

What’s NOT included in your tuition: Tuition fee transfers via Paypal or additional charges by your credit card carrier etc. Extra beverages (alcohol – however, is dissuaded during the training) airport pickup and drop-off, surf board rentals, massage and extra activities outside of the course and Yoga Alliance membership fee if you so choose to go that route.

There are two Beach Cabañas – Cabins 2,3: That fit 2 to 3 persons (3 beds: 2 double + 1 single or 2 single + 1 double). However, I will partner you only in twos for you for comfort, unless you are travelling in a pack of three and upon request!) They are modest, tiki thatched roof accommodation. They are brick-enclosed structures to stay cool, with thatch roofs, cold water showers, ceiling fans and electricity. The decks are expansive and spacious with hammocks and plenty of personal space.

There are three Ocean View Bungalows: Cabins 6,7,8 and have for space for two to three people. (However, I will partner you only in twos, unless you are travelling in a pack of three and upon request!)

Single accommodation upon request: Please email juliamariemccabe@gmail.com (as the accommodation fee will be higher in price).


Option 1, Beach cabana shared with one other:

$3400 USD per person (around $4600 CAD) for beach cabana accommodation with one other + meals + training



Option 2, Ocean bungalow shared with one other:

$4000 USD per person (around $5400 CAD) for ocean bungalows accommodation shared with one other + meals + training



Option 3, Off-site house lodging with a private bedroom, shared with 2-3 others:

$4600 USD per person (around $6200 CAD) for off-site house lodging with a private bedroom + meals and training

$4350 USD EARLY BIRD TUITION BEFORE SEPT 1st  (around $5900 CAD)

There is a capacity for around ten people in the five off-site homes, and currently two-three homes are blocked off for our stay.


Payment Plan Options & Deadlines:


  • Pay early bird or late bird in full before Nov 19 and receive three months free access to Julia McCabe online digital breath work & movement studio (around $150 CDN in value).


  • Optional payment plan FOR EARLY BIRD (TUITION BEFORE SEPT 1st): A minimum of 75 % of the EARLY BIRD fees are required in full before September 1st to cover all costs of food and lodging.
  • For example, for Option One, a minimum of $2363 USD (75%) EARLY BIRD would need to be paid by September 1st. The remaining 25% can be made monthly throughout the program and must be paid in full by March 1st, 2024.
  • In the case of Option One, the remaining $787 USD balance % 3 months = $262 USD per month. *Please note exchange and bank transfer fees are not added to this example.


  • Optional payment plan FOR LATE BIRDS (REGULAR TUITION FEE AFTER SEPT 1st) A minimum of 75% of the LATE BIRD fees are required AFTER September 1st and by Nov 19th, our start date.
  • For example, for Option One, a minimum of $2550 USD LATE BIRD (75%) would need to be paid by November 19th. The remaining 25% can be made throughout the program and must be paid in full by March 1st, 2024.
  • In the case of Option One, the remaining $850 USD balance % 3 months = $283 USD per month. *Please note exchange and bank transfer fees are not added to this example.


For solo accommodation pricing and course information please email: juliamariemccabe@gmail.com 

Los Cardones website: https://loscardones.com/


Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga