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Thank you, Kula Wellness and Zac Moxley for our first go! We’ll be filming in a bigger location next time and refine it even more, including me brushing my hair. Feel free to share and happy yoga’ing. The first one is FREE for a month.


CLASS ONE: 46 min Vinyasa Practice for Intermediate Students

Description:  A heads-up, this is an intermediate yoga practice and is not appropriate for beginners to yoga.  It is a no frills, full spectrum practice that includes a simple flow of arm balancing postures, core work, inversions and a few backbends within a compact 45 minutes.  You will need a block otherwise a pillow for core work will do (and to also help support your hand if you need it in standing balancing postures – so something solid in its place if you need help, like a big book).

Runtime:  46 min

CLASS TWO: Beginner Vinyasa Yoga

Description: This  is suitable for raw beginners and those new to vinyasa yoga. It includes instruction of classic Sun Salutations A & B and mostly standing postures (Warrior One & Two, Triangle and many more) – the staples of any given vinyasa yoga class. It may be still challenging for beginners, however, we will move slowly so you are able to pick up on the details of alignment and feel the connection in your body. You will need a block if you have one (otherwise something to have for your hand to rest on to avoid collapsing in standing postures, like a strong/thick book)

Runtime: 1 hr, 4min

CLASS THREE: Intermediate Hips Focus

Description: This is a vinyasa practice with hips as the focus. This is suitable for intermediate students who are comfortable with hearing verbal cues without visual cues. *Please note that during this class, I sometimes leave my mat to adjust students.* We will focus on postures related to the muscles responsible for hip flexion and external rotation. For example, lunging vinyasas as a warm-up, warriors, bound warrior, variations of pigeon, saddle, hanuman (half splits) and virasana variation on a block. You will need a block (otherwise something to rest your sacrum on that is sturdy and comfortable like a block).

Runtime: 1 hr, 17 min

CLASS FOUR: Intermediate Core & Twists Focus

This practice is suitable for intermediate students, comfortable with hearing verbal cues. It is a full spectrum practice starting with breath work. The practice will then focus on deep abdominal work (internal organs/digestive system) as well as more obvious core work, like abs and twists. It’s intense at parts…be prepared! The goal is to have you sweat, feel challenged and amazing by time the hour and twenty minutes is complete.  You will need a block and an extra mat if you have one (otherwise a pillow folded up will do the trick).

Runtime: 1 hr, 28 min



ASANA MANUAL:  $75 +GST (5%)

This manual contains a variety of standing postures, arm balancing postures, backbends and inversions. The manual also offers simple assists for teachers and connecting postures ideas. It is clearly laid out with pictures and clear, simple instructions. If you are a new teacher registered for my level one, two training or are needing a simple reference guide/ curious student, you’ll love it.  This is a revised version of what I hand-out to all of my 200 & 300 hour trainees. This is the fifth edition.  It will be mailed within a week to you.

Please email payment (and access password please) of $78.75 to  For US/overseas yogis, please email and we can arrange payment by cheque/wire transfer.


IMG_0396      Uttanasana