Four online subscription options for June & July 2020:


$22 June only


$22 July only


$40 June & July


$175 for June- July online subscription + Summer Body & Brain Detox (see below for details)





This is designed to dismantle “covid crutches” like booze, drugs, bad habits that even the healthiest have taken on. It is designed for committing to your physical health and mental fitness. Everything from daily yoga, tips on managing anxiety, weekend full body two hour master classes, guest teacher series with experts in therapy, counselling, yoga nidra and business coaching. This series begins whenever you sign up, however, with the below dates and guest speakers in mind. 

What does it include?

June 21, 28, July 5, July 12 –  Four LIVE Sunday Master Classes, 8-10am: 1) Visceral core & asana 2) Hip anatomy (brief lesson on hips and asana) 3) Glandular & hormone health (lecture) and  4) All about “my-favourites” list – a walk through of my herbs, foods & tinctures that I swear-by for internal beauty and wellness practices. (Skin, hair, hormonal, gut health, remedies and wellness).

June 21, 28, July 12 –  Three Sundays, guest expert led classes, 12-2pm:  on the topics of physical, mental health and prosperity:

  • Sun, June 21, 12-2pm, The Prosperous Pivot, led by L.A based business coach, Claudia Whitney. A master class on “pivoting in life” whether it be a career or relationship, with poise and prosperity.
  • Sun, June 28, 12-2pm: Soothe Your Nervous System, Yoga Nidra – led by LA & BC based teacher of nidra and astrology, Jana Roemer. A restorative medicine for the nervous system and 45 min yoga astro-nidra (yogi’s sleep) designed for nourishing all systems. 
  • Sun, July 12, 12-2pm: TBA. The Anatomy of Stress & the Nervous System , a talk led by guest therapists and counsellors on defining anxiety, stressors and helpful tools for anxiety management.

–  As well as full access to the June & July online subscription program, daily yoga and mood enhancing breath work (pranayama) that runs live M-F, 9-1030am

– Optional access to 20 hr Endocrine & Energy Course (worth $175)


Sign up here: All Memberships Here 



I began teaching from my living room in response to the unfortunate covid crisis. What began as a simple way to keep me going is now a thing and a growing community.

Please join me in my living room for a daily live/recorded class for all levels. We begin with high quality breath work/pranayama and sixty minutes of therapeutic/often sweaty asana – all from my humble abode! (Sub-par cinematography, good company;)

Who is this for? Anyone! Every day class begins 9-930am (PST) pranayama (breath work) and 930-1030am (PST) asana (practice)

What if I can’t make it? Classes are recorded and emailed to you daily with a class description. Two classes are left up for the weekends to repeat.

How does Zoom work? When you register below, I will then forward you a Zoom invite to your email address. You will register your name from that link. After you register, the next morning you can a) join the “meeting” from that link LIVE at 9am/930am sharp PST or b) 11am every day I will email you the recording. Follow that link to do the class.

What do you need for a home practice? a) Download Zoom on your laptop or iphone b) Have a clear WIFI connection. c) Ideally have a clean, quiet space to practice from.  d) A yoga mat, ideally a block (grab a thick book if need be) a strap (or a towel/tie/tshirt) and a flat pillow for sitting or sensitive knees.

What is pranayama? Breath work. We do basic pranayama as well as Kundalini Kriyas (or sets of breath exercise in combination with either movement/mantra). The daily class begins this way for the first 30 min. You can choose to do just this practice on its own, some students enjoy this – and then carry on into meditation or you can stay through the entire practice. Be open minded when first trying this as it can be weird, for sure!

In advance, pranayama can be extremely helping in creating ease and space in the body. However, some common contraindications as pranayama changes the pressure in your body: Pregnancy and first three months especially (avoid uddiyana bandha, kapalabhati, bhastrika – anything vigorous on the belly) anxiety and those prone to panic attacks – some of the same intense breathing can trigger those already in an anxious state (while for others it may help them pending on severity of anxiousness/disassociation) heart conditions, those prone to seizures, concussions/head/neck injuries – again pending on timing and severity, glaucoma/sinus/ear issues, high blood pressure, low blood pressure – for low the common side effect may be dizziness or faintness, recent abdominal surgery, hernia, ulcer, cysts, women postpartum – be mindful of breath that irritates the affected area.

What if I’m injured for the asana portion? Let me know in advance and I may have some insights. But like all physical activity speak with your doctor or use your own discretion and intuition when it comes to conditions, injuries etc.

Can I share or record the classes? You have a limit of sharing only three classes per month with the intention to recruit others and help my small business thrive.


* Please note, there are NO refunds at anytime for ALL subscriptions upon purchase
* You can join anytime and receive all missed recordings.
* Recordings will be left up, even you do not attend the LIVE classrooms and they will be emailed to you.


Sign up here: All Memberships Here 

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