Level 2 Nicaragua 2015

October 1st – 28th, 2015
Location: Los Cardones Eco-Surf Lodge

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DATES: October 1st – 28th, 2015
LOCATION: Los Cardones

This is my fifth time holding a teacher training at Los Cardones. For the Level 2 training, it will be maximum two persons per bungalow and a new raw/vegetarian super yummy menu will be part of our experience this year! Los Cardones holds a special place in my heart. There is a reason I keep going back. See my video on the home page and you’ll get a sense of what it’s all about. Surf. Sand. Sun. Quiet. Peaceful surroundings.

For more info go directly to their website: www.loscardones.com

This program is suitable for current teachers and for students who have already completed a 200hr program. The curriculum aligns with Yoga Alliance 300Hr standards in all areas of yoga history, philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation and teaching methodology. You will be a certified RYT 300 holder upon completion of this course. This will give you your 500hr in total for Yoga Alliance participants.

The mornings will consist of an empowered vinyasa/core based asana, with an equally strong emphasis on meditation and pranayama. The afternoons will consist of posture clinics, hands-on work, creative sequencing, theming and connecting posture ideas to add to your toolbox. It will also include discussion of yoga philosophies, readings, energy reading, intuitive “empath” work, aspects of yoga therapeutics/common injuries, brief discussion of Tantra (what is it?) feedback on your current teaching and practice time for students who haven’t taught since their last 200hr. It won’t be advanced in the sense that every day will be about wheel drop backs into handstand. It is important to know that this course will also be about creative development, staying stoked on yoga and self-care as much as it is about being an “advanced” all-star teacher.

*Please note that the first week will be review to ensure we are all on the same page.


Time flies in a month and our number one priority is that we cover all required material, however, I want you to enjoy your time during rest and play in Nicaragua! Every morning there will be ample time to surf before practice.  There will be lighter practices every sixth or seventh day to make sure you don’t burn out and you will have evenings off before dinner to rest, have alone time, go for walks.  A heads-up, it will be full-on. There may be a day in the middle that is a one-day vipassana (silent day) for rest and rejuvenation.


Part of the Yoga Alliance requirement also includes “Non-contact hours”. This accounts for the time when you and I aren’t in the same room together – for example, readings/homework are “non-contact.” This makes up part of the 300 hours that is difficult to track so it is “estimated” when I submit my original curriculum to the Yoga Alliance. Some students were confused last year, as the 28 days obviously didn’t add up to a perfect 300 hours total. To be clear, each day will cover about eight to ten “contact” hours together, so around 250 hours in total. Also be prepared for fluidity in our schedule from time-to-time as I am also organic at times in my teaching. Every so often when the sun is setting, the birds are singing and you look like you need it, a spontaneous walk through along the beach rather than a book discussion might be the call, cool? Don’t be surprised if I blast music from time to time as I am always interested in new dance moves.

Readings: Stay tuned. There will be a reading list (amended from last year) sent to you upon registration.

This is a second level program, so it is incredibly important that you arrive with an open mind and a beginner’s mindset. If you are an experienced yogi/teacher who has a hard time letting go of your role as a teacher, or if you are anal retentive about checking off all boxes/expectations/objectives, and/or are wanting to be affirmed of what you already know, then this will be challenging for all of us. (Ha! Just sayin’ like it is).

To be clear, there can only be two teachers during this course: Kristin and I. I sincerely respect where each of you are coming from, however, if you aren’t comfortable with sitting as a student and us as your teachers maybe this course isn’t for you. Attitudes and mega-egos must be checked at the airport. Fun is necessary.


Julia and KristenJulia McCabe, ERYT 500, Whistler, B.C: I have been teaching full-time since 2003 and have held immersive programs like this one since 2010, graduating over a 100 students worldwide. I have studied mainly with Patrick Creelman (Anusara) Paul Dallaghan (Ashtanga) Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga) but also consider many energy healers, motivational speakers, friends and teachers like my mom to be just as influential. I taught at Pure Yoga Hong Kong for three years, a handful of international yoga conferences and have held 200 and 300-hour trainings for the past four years in Nicaragua, Australia, Mexico, Spain, Whistler and Bali!

Kristin Campbell, ERYT 500, Squamish, BC: Kristin has been teaching full-time for over 15 years, blazing a trail since her days teaching Bikram yoga. She is the former studio owner of Neoalpine Whistler (for ten years) has been a part of Whistler Wanderlust faculty, has taught trainings for TriYoga in London, England and is a senior teacher of trainings with YYoga, Vancouver. She is a delight and has a sense of humour you will love. I’m excited to announce that she will be teaching the twenty hours that fulfill the “therapeutics/anatomy” portion of this course (over three days or so) and will be assisting and teaching morning asana for seven-ten days pending on her travel schedule. Kristin Campbell is an excellent friend, sister, esteemed Vancouver teacher and mentor of mine. We co-taught in 2009 YYoga, Vancouver training and I taught at her former studio in Whistler for many years. Kristin is one of the most qualified, knowledgeable and approachable teachers I have ever met. Her full bio can be found at http://www.kristincampbellyoga.com/

I will also have another assistant during asana when Kristin is not around, TBA.

The tuition for this course is $3800 USD. This includes 28 days of gorgeous shared accommodation with only one other person (two per spacious bungalows), three vegetarian meals, your course manuals and your 300-hour Yoga Alliance certification. This doesn’t include any travel fees or extras. You will have to pay for your airport pick up in person (anywhere from $30-50 USD) depending on ride share.