Public Classes & Testimonials

Winter 2017 – Local Sea to Sky Teaching Schedule:


*Effective until mid-April, not including subbing classes – which I have a tendency to do quite a bit through the winter months at all studios including Yyoga Vancouver*


Tuesday: 9-10am & 645-8pm at

Tuesday: 4-5pm at North Yoga, Squamish

Wednesday: 12-115pm at North Yoga, Squamish

Wednesday: 645-8pm at

Thursday: 9-10am & 1215-115pm at

Thursday: 530-645pm at North Yoga, Squamish


Sacred Self-Care Saturdays

Feb 18 – March 4 – Mar 18

Each Saturday practice will be a delicious blend of therapeutic asana, breath work and ball rolling designed to release tension, manage/prevent injuries and release feel-good chemicals. The two hour session will incorporate gentle (minimal) vinyasa, cleansing breath work based on kriyas I’ve learned over this past year, restorative work with balls that you can incorporate at home and quieting meditation. This is for anyone – even non-yogis! For yourself or someone you love… the idea is that you will float home and feel at peace.



“Yoga with Julia McCabe was a unique lesson in sweaty endurance, sweet contemplation and soulful exploration. She cultivated a relaxed and friendly atmosphere that perfectly supported the rigorous practice and study of Hatha yoga, beginning at sunup and finishing long after sundown. Regardless of whether I stumbled or found grace on my mat, she always managed to offer piercing insights, injections of humor, and interludes of peaceful mediation that steadied my resolve and nurtured my practice. Her words are profound, her practice impressive and her commitment to the Yogi lifestyle inspiring. I cannot recommend Julia’s teacher training course highly enough. I promise that you will move and be moved as you never have before.”

Kim Slater, Whistler, B.C, 200 HR graduate, Nicaragua, Nov 2010

“It was the most remarkable experience—hardest I have worked in years, most I have learned in years, the teacher training with the lovely Julia was more than I imagined or ever expected; the beauty of Xinalani, yoga in the jungle, the retreat center, the staff, all incredible.  I made amazing new friends, it was truly an experience I will treasure always and never forget.  Thank you, Julia especially, but also Nick, Adam, Taylor, Sammi, Emily, Susan, Rose (not Rosie), Savannah, Ann-Pier, and Catherine for making the three weeks with all of you so special”

John O’Farrell, Fair Oaks, CA

“The teacher training program with Julia opened my eyes to yoga being more than just physical, but that it’s a way of life and frame of mind.  Even if you aren’t interested in teaching, a teacher training program is an outstanding way to learn about your physical body, the inner workings of your breath, mind and how to lead your life with more appreciation. I learned how yoga’s values can actually bring about world peace, that is, if everyone practiced their saucha’s and santosha’s!  I really enjoyed learning from Julia, she has helped me to be not only a good teacher, but a better human being.”

Jayleen Gordon, Edmonton, AB, 200HR graduate, Whistler, May 2010

“I got the yoga bite during my first class with Julia. I had been practicing yoga on and off for over ten years but never fully committed. After my “this is it!” moment in Julia’s class I never looked back. Julia became my favourite teacher and I couldn’t wait to get on the mat to look at her with my “what ya got up your sleeve today, Jules?” look on my face.  Not long after, I approached her to see if she would create a private teacher training for me that would fit into my life of work, two small kids and practice. She agreed, and created the textbook of all textbooks! I loved pouring over mantras, yoga history, pranayama and discussing the sutras and relating anatomy to asana.  Julia is a fearless teacher. She knows no bounds and most of all loves to learn her self. This inspires me to continually grow and to be fearless in my teaching.  I owe so much to Julia. She created the space that allowed me to change my life. Yoga has given me the opportunity to know myself deeper and be open to new possibilities!”

Erin Anderson, Whistler, B.C, 2010 – First private teacher trainee (Jan-April 2010), White Gold Yoga, Baptiste Teacher and Yoga Jam/Africa Yoga Project