Fallen off the mat? Have any doubts about yoga? Together we will identify and clear up any current beliefs or resistance that may be in the way of your body/mind/spirit connection.


Together we will do something about it. We will create a forward thinking, realistic plan of action to continue your growth as a teacher/student.


As with any earnest effort, evolution will be the inevitable outcome.


Who is this for?

This is one on one yoga mentorship for new and experienced teachers. I’ll do my best to guide you with my insight and advice for new teachers. One-on-One sessions are built around your current focus/goal in building your own yoga biz, goals on the mat, physical goals.

We chat for an hour or 90 minutes. I will most likely give you fun life/teaching homework and a timeline to report back.

What this is not:

This is NOT a psychic hotline or therapy session!

How it works:

Via Skype, one hour sessions. I will do my best to support you with my 13 plus years of having been working and playing within the field of yoga.


$90 for one-hour, $135 for 9o minutes (+ GST 5%)

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