Thank You to all collaborators & friends

My family My first teachers, who taught me that unconditional love, acceptance and support is paramount above all other knowledge. To my mom, dad and Penny – all dedicated schoolteachers who told me I’d be a teacher too one day. And even though I fought against them stubbornly for many years, they were right.  To educate is to liberate – both yourself and the student.

ThankyouPAtrickPatrick Creelman.  Who taught me that friendship, teachership and fun can co-exist.  Thank you Pat Pat, for always including me in your latest, wildest adventures, both on and off the mat.  You are a mystical creature, a leader of hope in our mighty tribe, and continue to inspire all the best parts of my teaching methodology.  Even when we don’t speak for months at a time, I still hear your voice leaping behind me like Hanuman across the South China Sea.


ThankyouPaigePaige Faraci. Who taught me to never forget that the Divine is always dancing behind us on our mats.  Bomba Lakshmi, my sister.  You are missed on the mat daily, and you are, by far, one of the most outstanding teachers I’ve ever met.


ThankyouKristinKristin Campbell.  Who has supported me since my first day on the mat and whom I love like a sister. Your commitment to growth and evolution constantly inspires me. Thank you for always welcoming me home after all of my globetrotting. You glow with Buddha love and effortlessly trek through adversity like a Zen sherpa with stilettos.  Frankie B, your newest love, is a gift to all of us in the world.


ThankyouZoeZoey Stimpson. Thank you, Zoey. Your bright, positive energy is boundless. Your capacity to coach others towards their better Self is also boundless and inspiring. I’m so lucky to have you as a friend and as my sidekick anatomy guru.


CrystalCrystal Rainbow Jennings.  Crystal, thank you for being my very first trainee. Your keen, toothy front-row smile and unwavering devotion as friend and student blows the socks off me. Thank you for teaching me patience, dedication and what it means to commit to friendship/studentship/teachership. You bring me flowers and undeserved adoration amidst the fatigue of travel and teaching, flying all the way to Nicaragua to help me out and pat me on the back…it doesn’t go unnoticed. You are a gem.


ThankyouPureYogaPure Yoga Teachers Puanani Mench, Diane Lister, Paige Faraci, Pat Creelman, Tanya Kaps, Tanya Boulton, Rinat Perlman, Cassie Lee, Maurice Mettler, Jenna Lamazzo, KayKay Clivio, Stephen Thomas, Claudia Whitney, Wendy Wyvill, Jason Budovitch, Liila Hall, Divya Elting, Jon Witt, Michael McGinity, Shelle Jackson, Marta Peterson, Bobsy Gaia, Jaime Schrack, Louisa Jorge, Shyam Narayanan, Tanu & Varun Veer, Yogananth,  I will never forget our sweet loving moments together on and off the mat in the heart of Asia’s concrete jungle.


ThankyouPaulPaul Dallaghan & Tiwari Ji Thank you Paul and Tiwari Ji for teaching me not only asana and pranayama, but also the history, authenticity and practical wisdom of yoga’s beautiful tradition.  I will never forget my time with you in Thailand and feel very blessed to have met you both.


ThankYouFriendsTalented friends of which there are many… (in random order) Andrea Helleman, for Nica 2012 grad shots, Stacey Bodnaruk, for designing this website, Justin Ormiston (Ormiston Ink Tattoos) for designing my logo and surprising me with it on my birthday a few years ago, Zoey Stimpson the fairy light in my life, Blake Jorgenson photographer extraordinaire, for your brooding deadly talent and generosity, Robin O’Neill, for your time and talent in our “light” photo shoot, Jimmy Martinello for pics in Paradise Valley, April Joy Miala, Zoya Lynch & Ashley Carter and all other students for contributing Nica pics, Dana Friesen-Smith and Goldie Friesen-Smith, my kind-of husband and wife. Megan, Lon and Lola Hewitt Flath – my Pemberton family, Caroline Stroud, for your positivity and interesting dance methods, Alison Hill, Julie Cummings, Liz Harris, CK, Sara Aldridge, Big Tall Dave Smith, Lonna Sheen, Seleena Shourie – for finding me in Whistler and keeping me, Shannon Cluff – my life long high school friend whom I adore, Krista Jane Hoffs – for your guidance, The Alpine Café girls for making me the best triple Americanos ever and never judging me after two visits in one morning, Trevor Cooney Madeley Anstey simply for being Trevor Cooney Madeley Anstey, Shelley Arnusch since the Pique dayz and writer extraordinaire, Kate Power and Sharai just because you are Kate Power and Sharai and the zany entrepreneurs that you are, The Bass Coast Girls for constantly inspiring me and inviting me annually, The Core Staff, The Pure Yoga staff – especially the cleaners and Ah Ching for constantly entertaining us all (especially Diane) my dentist in Hong Kong who replaced my chipped front-tooth super cheaply and ignited the wrath of the flossing Gods onto me again, thank you whatever you are up in the sky that is guiding me always towards the best ride ever (and thank you for especially not blinding me with the stabbing pencil incident at age three and the golf ball incident at age 16), The Kylie-Crystal Rainbow-Jaime connection, Jess Kamell for our shared love of karaoke, tube tops, lavender tights and drop backs, Elana Hanlon, with patience of a saint, especially when I lurk over your shoulder at the front desk,  Janet our mama bird for caring so much, Jodi Dodd for coming to Nicaragua and quietly persevering always, The Tottles –woop woop! The entire Elmas family – we all want to marry you, Jason Budovitch who officially reached best friend status in Tokyo after putting me on his shoulders in the hopes to reach Bono’s ankle, Joan Novak who cuts my hair and patiently lulled me towards bangs, Erin Anderson for being my first yoga trainee guinea pig and showering me with love, for all of my trainees, my Uncle Al and my crazy Aunt Barbie –if I had favorites…you two are them, Leslie Anthony (Gabe) for inspiring and refining me as a writer, Joey Houssain who always remembers to text me on my bday, Lauren Ritz for dancing hips first into her art and life, the GLC staff just because, my taxi driver Chan, from seven years ago in Cambodia, who still emails me to say hello, all my favorite DJ’s and musical wizards, Lulu Shanti and your pets in Portugal especially your weird dog who stared at me for 30 days straight, Yama Yoga, the Lululemon staff for always arriving and providing, the entire staff and guests I met at Los Cardones, all of my boys who are friends and brothers to me: Kevin, Kelvin, Dagan, No More Browner, Lon, Kirk, Gil, Pemby Patrick, Joshy Crane, Fraser, GMac, Chris McKinney, Jim Martinello, Will, Todd (& Tottle!), Chris Cuddy, Davey Bouttell, Joey Lammers who I miss all the time, Al Delaney – who is the biggest brother of them all, YYoga for encouraging and supporting my teaching.  And again: my mom, dad and sisters, Jack, William, Kayla, Owey and Eddy.  And the list goes on….

To all of my students and fellow teachers In Whistler, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Australia, Mexico and those whom I have yet to meet.  Your presence constantly amazes, inspires and encourages me to be a better person.  You know who you are – our love is unique and mutual.  Words are pointless to assign to our capacity together, so a simple thank you will have to do.