More Us Code - 200Hr Scholarship 2020

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One full scholarship and four partial scholarships will be available for my 200hr training in Nicaragua, Oct 1-24, 2020 at Los Cardones

Value of the Scholarship: Around $2000 USD. This scholarship does not include travel/airfare, books, food or accommodation at Nicaragua.

To apply, simply click the link below, and tell us why YOU are the ideal candidate for this outstanding opportunity.

Five finalists will be selected for an interview over the next two months, but only one will have their entire tuition ($4000 USD value) paid for by Los Cardones and Julia McCabe.



1. Apply here -> ​

2. Watch your inbox.

3. If you’re one of five finalists, we’ll let you know. Then I’m going to give you a call/Skype and we’ll have a conversation about the second part (see below)…

4. Ideally, it’s you! You pack your bags, come to Nicaragua, have your tuition paid and experience it all! 

5. Pay it forward after the training within 365 days to see through a MoreUsCode Project of your own. 

What is the MoreUsCode? Think of what you love to do and how we (the collective, the environment, the world) will can be involved? You get to design your vision. It can be environmental, artistic, business-oriented, community-based, yoga-based – really anything at all that has a pay-it-forward effect. Upon being accepted, you will join me in Nicaragua and you will make a promise to yourself and the world that you will see the project through to the very end within the year. In one year after being gifted your spot with me, quantifiable/qualitative results must be met.  I will be checking in intermittently throughout the year to see how it’s going – but ultimately this is 100% up to you.  I will not be holding your hand to do this.

FOR THOSE WHO DO AN AMAZING JOB but aren’t granted full scholarship, I will support your idea and pending on how serious you are, I will deduct $500 from your tuition fee. Again, it has to be big, this is not guaranteed for all applicants. I have to feel that you are fully committed on your part in order to receive my support.

Any other questions? Email mel:


Origin of this Scholarship: On a hot summer afternoon in 2011, I was practicing at my home studio in Whistler. Whenever I feel bored with my work, I remind myself that stagnation is a catalyst for evolution and learning. I asked for a sign to give me direction and the “Passion Project” vision came my way.

Fast forward to 2020 and again, the words “More Us” came to me in a dream.

It is my intention, through this project, to provide structure to your passionate but otherwise floating-in-the-ether idea. Whatever it is that stirs inside you, I will support it. It is also my vision that three local initiatives with big visions are also supported. (see below)

Passion Defined: Passion is what makes life move and feel limitless in potential. If a passionate idea is given a supportive space to express itself in – art is made, revolutions occur, science ignites and life changing involution occurs. Without direction or support, passion will quickly lose steam and fall flat, not knowing how to express itself. Focus is key in propelling passion towards fruition. If you look at the most brilliant artists, revolutionaries and teachers of our time, each of them had a fiery vision that helped them spread their message whether their medium was paint, a yoga mat or a soapbox.

WHO CAN APPLY? So long as you are breathing, love yoga and have an amazing idea that needs support, this is an all-inclusive offering. Obviously a deep interest in transforming your practice on the mat is necessary and your willingness to commit with me as your teacher for three weeks is necessary. “Teacher training” is an overused term these days.  Yes, there is a big teaching component and I will prepare you to be a strong new teacher but it’s more about learning tools via yoga’s ancient teachings in order to live a better life. This is why I’m doing what I’m doing.

Good luck, peace and much love to you, Julia

Andrea Helleman, 2012 Recipient

See her project here:

2014 Recipient, Zachariah McHugh

Zachariah Mchugh