Skype Yoga

Privates can be anywhere from one session to a set of sessions depending on your goals or concerns.

Yes. Skype Yoga! It’s surprisingly effective and has worked with especially overseas students or students with busy schedules who can’t make it to a studio setting. If you are interested in booking a session with me privately, please email

How it works: Find any quiet space/time of day in your home – any room will do big enough for your mat and laptop. Situate your screen so I can see your entire body and from there, we work like any one on one session, depending on your goals or concerns. With articulate verbal cueing and a plan of action, it’s surprisingly effective. Really the only thing missing is hands-on adjustments but for the most part, I can see what needs alignment.

I also do in-the-flesh privates as well! I have taught students private long-term immersions as well where we have worked between 20 hours to full 200Hr certification together.