100HR Yoga Therapy & Neuroscience of Yoga

Nov 10-20
Location: Los Cardones, Nicaragua


November 10-20*, 2021


DATES & TIMES: November 10-20, 2021 (75hrs) * + Online prep-work (30hrs) Oct 23/24/30/31 (Four days, Sat/Sun from 8-11am & 12-3pm PST online school, each day). It is highly recommended that you attend this online group study + preparation prior to arrival. It will be available for six months post training to re-watch.

SPACE IS LIMITED it is recommended you HOLD YOUR SPOT HERE, $500 DEPOSIT (non-refundable)

LOCATION: www.loscardones.com




(75 hours in person + 25 hours prep online LIVE or to be watched at own pace before departure)

This course is designed for students or current teachers interested in immersing in the energy, anatomy/physiology and physically helpful practices for the prevention and pathology of common physical illnesses and conditions. We will also examine the neuroscience of mental health in yoga. We will examine in all topics the question: What is healing? What is helpful to us healing? We will explore the below through the lens of both modern science and the antiquity of energy anatomy in yoga.

This course will be full, robust with information and in-person dialogue and sharing! My first training in real life since covid!

Please note, 25hours of lectures will take place online prior to Nov 10th.

This course is for learners of life, healers/someone who needs healing and skillful knowledge behind self-healing, non-teachers welcome too, bodyworkers, coaches, mentors, health care workers, holistic practitioners looking to expand their offerings. The desire to teach is not a pre-requisite however, it can be used as 100hr Continuing Education via the Yoga Alliance.


What to expect:

  • The morning practice will be 2.5-3 hours in length, we will integrate our didactic studies and theory during this time. The style will be a mix of strong hatha (think slow vinyasa with longer holds, alignment and a sprinkling of flow practices, pranayama (my forte) and meditation. Expect as well restorative/guided yoga-nidra like practices as well. I am a “breath-centric” teacher, meaning class with I will always begin and end with some form of pranayama and meditation.
  • Daily theory and studies in clinic: anatomy, physiology and pathology of common diseases of all the layers of the human body: basic musculoskeletal 101 as a refresher, as well as major systems of the body: respiratory, lymphatic, digestive, endocrine systems and nervous system.
  • Daily integration hands on/in partners of applying what you learn
  • Techniques to work with both musculoskeletal and the deeper layers of the above systems
  • The energetic shifts of all the layers: cueing, insight, “symbolic sight” as a healer
  • The musculoskeletal basics: anatomical reference points in yoga, bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia. Focus on shoulder complex, knees, hips and spine and then orienting them to visceral anatomy in the below list….
  • The lymphatic system: What is it? Integrating lymphatic drainage practices
  • The digestive system: What organs are involved + supportive practices for healthy digestion
  • The respiratory system: What is it? + supportive practices for optimal breathing and mental wellness
  • Integration of traditional practices of mantra, chanting
  • We will also look briefly at an overview of yoga history to give you context where we come from
  • The Neuroscience 101: What is neuroscience? Nervous System anatomy: The CNS & PNS and Mental Health. i.e pathophysiological understanding of the why of mental health issues + supportive practices
  • How are all of these body systems connected to each other and connected to the energy maps of yoga’s old wisdom?



Example Daily Schedule (tentative)


6am – Coffee/tea/fruit/toast/light breakfast

730-1030 am asana/application of practices/hands-on work  (3 hours contact)

1030-1230pm -Break/lunch

1230-6pm – Study/theory/Didactic Work/Practice (5 hours contact) with some short breaks

6pm – Dinner/Break


Material for the course:


  • Please purchase the Complete Anatomy App (3D Anatomy) – This can be made available on both your phone AND laptop through iTunes. It is an incredibly helpful visual tool for understanding the human body.
  • You will receive a manual upon arrival


This is (kinda) my TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY AT LOS CARDONES. It was supposed to be celebrated in 2020 then…well, you know what happened!

In 2010 I held my first 200 hour training at Los Cardones. It brings me such joy to return and celebrate through education, sunset chats and learning in an idyllic environment.

Watch this video, filmed at Los Cardones by Pete Longworth, to hear my homage to Nica, Los Cardones and beloved students: https://vimeo.com/89191772



Los Cardones is one of my happy places where I have held yoga teacher training programs and retreats for ten years. It is an eco-surf lodge, well-loved by the local villagers. Izic and Laure are surf bums at heart who built their dream from the ground-up and have lived in Nicaragua with their three children for sixteen years. I love this place with all my heart. You will too.

Please note, it is remote. It’s a bumpy dirt road for about 30 minutes toward the Pacific Ocean. We are nowhere near trendy cities or busy surf towns. We are 90 minutes from Managua. The cabanas have ceiling fans, electricity and in some cases (ask Laure) WIFI in rooms/parts of LC.

We come get you! At the airport. Do not rent a car. 🙂


TUITION & INVESTMENT: The below pricing includes the 100hr training, manual, shared accommodation (solo accom costs extra, pls inquire as space is limited) breakfast, lunch and dinner. This doesn’t include extra books on reading list, flight or extras listed below:


Early bird (Before Sept 1st, 2021) $500 CDN off below pricing – if fully reserved

Late bird regular tuition fees apply.

To secure a spot, please send an e-transfer of $500 USD or pay online here

This is a non-refundable deposit to hold a space, please e-transfer to: juliamariemccabe@gmail.com

**Please communicate if you’d like to set up a breakdown of smaller payments prior to training.



$70 – 100 USDs one way for in-person, airport pick-up, we will arrange this for you, flight to and from Managua airport, massage ($20 USD in cash only), extra beverages outside of juice, coffee, tea, extra nights at LC, horseback rides, surf board rentals.




Below rates for ten nights include all lodging, meals, drinks (non-alcoholic) + training and manual. SPACE is limited to about 15 people max.

There are FOUR cabanas and THREE bungalows available. If you are travelling alone, you may be roomed with one or two other students unless you have a friend also taking the course, please let me know.

The accommodations vary in size and shape. Izic has built all of bungalows/cabanas from the land and trees he intentionally harvested. All have thatched roofs and the bungalows are stilted. Most have ocean views and all are stones throw from the surf. In each room there are lockboxes, ceiling fans and light, power outlets and WIFI is available (although dissuaded during the day :). There is no air conditioning, outdoor toilets, it is not a spa-resort and you have to be someone who loves a good adventure, jungle sounds/creatures! There are bug-nets over the beds in the case that bugs freak you out.

All have private hammocks/outdoor space to lounge. Laundry drop-off service is also available ($).

Expect to see thunderstorms at night, wild life like sea turtles, iguanas and gorgeous birds. It is an ethically, eco-friendly lodge that runs off of a spring-water system, so expect refreshing/cooler showers (no hot water) which is often welcomed during the midday heat. It’s VERY hot mid-day and you will love the cold showers. We arrive at the end of rainy season, however, global warming has made them unpredictable. Rainy season can vary from raining once a day usually – at night or mid afternoon.


1. Double occupancy (2 adults) beach cabaña = $3550 CDN  per person (pp)

2. Triple occupancy (3 adults) ocean view bungalow: $3550 CDN pp

3. Single occupancy beach cabaña:  $4500 CDN

4. Double occupancy ocean view bungalow (2 adults) = $4200 CDN pp

5. Single occupancy Ocean view bungalow = $4500 CDN

6. I am considering this to be also do-able for moms, dads, single parents too, to bring a child along as well with the following disclaimer:

You will not be available for your children for about eight- ten hours a day as this is a studying environment. In the past, children have loved Los Cardones but this training is the first trial of this (outside of retreat where kids have come in the past). I would dissuade you if you feel your child will be disruptive to the studying aspect of you or the group as sitting with us in session or doing class with us will not be allowed.

Every child is different with potentially behavioural issues, and some kids are easily adaptable to new places and people. We can have a chat to feel if this is appropriate or not. Childcare can be arranged for you when we are in study sessions and often they can stay within eye-view of outdoor yoga space where we are studying in the case you feel uneasy.

Please email Laure at: loscardonesecolodge@gmail.com –with your questions if this interests you. She is a mother of three who has brought up her children there, and is the owner. She will give you good insight.

Email me to discuss this and pricing.

For all other inquiries and regarding TRAVEL DURING COVID, Laure recommends using one of her favourite agents to book your flights and covid-paperwork help/questions. Supposedly she’s really amazing and it may save you hassle with PCR-test related questions:

Finding a travel agent that will book the right flights to and from Managua is highly recommended. (Some airlines are not as reliable) and she will help you with any paperwork:
Mango Travel, Melissa Atha: info@mango.travel
She is English speaking

Any other questions about your accom, food issues, safety, direct them to Laure, the owner of Los Cardones. She’s very friendly and will respond to any questions or concerns: alsitton@gmail.com



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