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Solve – Resolve – Evolve:
A Five-Part, Online Course for 200 & 300Hr Graduates



Fallen off the mat? Have any doubts about yoga? Together we will identify and clear up any current beliefs or resistance that may be in the way of your body/mind/spirit connection.


Together we will do something about it. We will create a forward thinking, realistic plan of action to continue your growth as a teacher/student.


As with any earnest effort, evolution will be the inevitable outcome.


Solve – Resolve – Evolve:
A Five-Part, Online Course for 200 & 300Hr Graduates


Who is this for?

This is for graduates of my program only. I know you all a little better than the average Joe yogi. We have spent 21 or 28 days together in an intimate learning environment. I have seen you laugh, cry, talk about your bowel movements and have full-on meltdowns. I have also had the honor of seeing you go on to be amazing teachers, parents, husbands/wives and radical entrepreneurs in the art of life.


I have officially graduated more than 100 of you…however, I feel like you are an extended family. I can honestly say I love you to bits and pieces. And I don’t like to overuse the L-word. I was reflecting here in Spain how much it matters to me that you are content, healthy and happy. I thought this would be better than a Facebook check-in! Plus, I know how it goes. So much is learned in a training environment and then so much can be quickly forgotten. Just like I need my teachers from time to time to remind me of what is important, I figured…so do you!? I’d hate to leave ya hangin’ out in yoga purgatory or in doubt. Life happens: steam is lost, inspiration is low…and the why of yoga has probably changed for you. I want to help you reset and redefine what it is you are missing, longing for again or needing improvement it.


This is a six-month commitment – that will consist of two Skype sessions (or in person if you are in the hood and prefer) and three homework assignments that will include BODY/MIND/SOUL related work for your development as a teacher/student. It won’t be heavy work… it will be fun/creative work! The homework and Skype sessions will be very personal to who you are. For example, if you are interested in teaching related methods, then that will be our focus. Or if you feel totally out of your practice, that will be our focus. You all know me well enough to know that much of the work we did together on the beaches/in Whistler was both structured and organic. Your homework could be howling at the moon nightly and and eating more greens ha ha. Or it could be a book I want you to read and apply in your teachings… or it could be filming yourself teaching and sending it to me to review. See where I’m going with this? This will be the same but more spread out and obviously not so intense as a training!

It will consist of two, one-hour Skype sessions for overseas/far away students and one-on-one real life sessions for students who are in the neighborhood and prefer a real-life hangout.

  1. We will begin with a one-hour session to check-in and assess what you want to work on. We will address your concerns, teaching questions and goals whether it is teaching/yoga or off the mat. We will also end with a one-hour session to conclude our conversations and commit to your profound shift.
  1. The three assignments over the course of six months will be created just for you. However, like everything, it requires your 100% commitment and effort on your behalf. I’m in…only if YOU are too.


Obviously I need to create value for this, as it will require time and energy on my end. I thought $250 would be a fair price? If you feel like it isn’t fair we can always discuss why and what you think is fair. I truly just want to help all of you to continue being rad.


Beginning November 2014 after I return from Bali training. We will work around your busy schedule.

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