Teacher Trainings

The Art & Celebration of Yoga with Julia McCabe

The Art & Celebration of Yoga with Julia McCabe

with Julia McCabe & guest teachers


The 200 and 300 programs align with standards set by the Yoga Alliance and beyond. You will be certified as a teacher of vinyasa yoga, however, both programs are so much more than a piece of paper or turning you into a rock star teacher. If you are meant to teach you will, if you aren’t meant to teach…you won’t. This course is about enhancing your quality of life as well as turning you into a potentially exceptional teacher. Our time together is about the experience itself and marinating in what you learn and already know. For many students, our time will be just the beginning of a lifelong journey in yoga’s form of movement and way of life. Our days will be structured as well as allowing space for organic occurrences (such as sunset walks and nap time!) that are rooted in book study, self-study, self-care and understanding where yoga comes from and where you want to go with it.

The 200hr  & 300hr programs are intense 21 and 28-day programs, meaning once you arrive, there’s no goin’ back!  These programs are not like yoga retreats. They are educational and concentrated experiences in the art and science of everything yoga: intense asana, pranayama, meditation, chanting/mantra, history, philosophy, subtle anatomy and anatomy. You will laugh, maybe cry, be challenged and hopefully be blissed out.  It is my intention to be at service to your learning, offering you all that I know (and don’t know!) beyond the Yoga Alliance standards. The potency of our learning truly happens once all of you arrive with the wisdom you have already been living.  Guest teachers will be announced pre-arrival.