Pemberton Yogic Studies 2015

April 20 – 26, May 11 – 17,  June 1-7, 2015 Location: Kula Wellness Centre, Pemberton, BC


200 HR YOGA ALLIANCE TRAINING 7-Day Modules, 21 days in total

DATES: April 20 – 26, May 11 – 17,  June 1-7, 2015  LOCATION: Kula Wellness Center, Pemberton, BC

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: This course is designed for new and experienced students who are looking to immerse or teach yoga. You have the option to immerse in one or all three sessions. For students who want to teach, you must do all three modules. Past students or current teachers who want to do just one part of the 200Hr for fun are also welcome. It is a great option for those interested in staying local to B.C and looking for a stay-cation/day program experience. It is also ideal for those who have no interest or time to travel abroad (at-home parents, students etc.). It is my mission to make this program one of best: with integrity, tradition and modernity in fusion with your personality and offerings. It is for those of you seeking to teach, or simply wanting to immerse in an intense experience for three weeks. This is the thirteenth time I will be running the course. We spend 21 days in total, exploring the underbelly of what is yoga on all realms. This includes a three to four hour daily practice – power vinyasa based, pranayama, meditation, an overview of yoga history, philosophy, Sanskrit/mantras/chanting, practice teaching, posture clinics, anatomy, subtle anatomy and much more. There are four pre-requisite readings: Bhagavad Gita, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Light on Life and Anatomy of the Spirit. Each book interweaves the above subjects and will teach you a new language surrounding the heart of yoga.

About Kula Wellness, Pemberton: Kula Wellness is the home studio and personal practice of established RMT’s and beloved family of Pemberton, Percy Abraham & Corinne Von Dehn. They live and work from this gorgeous space in sprawling meadows of Pemberton. The yoga studio space is quiet and quaint with views of the stunning mountains. If the weather permits we can use the gorgeous yard to hang out, talk-shop and practice. Percy and Corinne are well-known healers in the valley, living a sweet life with their two children.

Program Times: Each module runs seven days straight in length, 9a.m-5pm.


For payment, either online money transfer, overseas transfers (I will email instructions)  or click on “Online Store” to pay instantly with a credit card, PayPal or debit.

Overview: Each module begins with a 3-4 hour practice of empowered asana, pranayama, mantra/chanting and meditation. The style of yoga is a powerful vinyasa pulsing between static and fluid movements (influences of Ashtanga, Anusara & Ana Forrest).  It is a challenging and fun practice with the inclusion of traditional practices, breath-work, mantra and cleansing kriyas. *The below is a brief overview…there will be more than the below for you to absorb!

April Module: Morning asana, 9-12pm / Afternoon session (12:30-5pm) Assigned reading & discussion of: Bhagavad Gita, Jnana/Karma/Kriya Yoga, brief history of yoga, posture & beginner teaching clinics, intro to art of sequencing, whys of mantra/chanting/meditation

May 8-14 Module: Morning asana, 9-12pm / Afternoon session (12:30-5pm) Assigned reading & discussion of: Light on the Yoga Sutras, Yamas/Niyamas/Kleshas/continued posture & teaching clinics, yoga anatomy and hands on therapeutics Visiting teacher

June 1-7 Module: Morning asana, 9-12pm / Afternoon Session (12:30-5pm) Assigned reading & discussion of: Light on Yoga & Anatomy of the Spirit, subtle anatomy,chakras, nadis, vayus, koshas, continued posture & teaching clinics, final exam & practical exam for full-certification students. Visiting Teacher

INFO FOR INTERESTED TEACHERS: The style you will be taught to teach is a Vinyasa/Power flow practice, but essentially – as you will learn, yoga is yoga is yoga. The teaching begins once the course is over and it is up to you to persevere and commit years on the mat to be a solid, new teacher. It takes time and patience. Like all good things, teaching takes time and courage to keep to doing it. If it is your calling, perfect. If not, you can’t lose, as education is valuable, especially what the antiquity and modernity of yoga teaches. All the varying methods in all studios take us to the same place, which is why I’m not into labelling my school to one “type” of yoga. Alignment, clarity and method will be key during our course, but teaching you a memorized sequence isn’t my schtick. I want you to find your own voice as a student and teacher and find creative freedom in doing so.

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Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga
Pemberton Wellness Center for Yoga