100 HR THERAPEUTICS: Management & Prevention of Injuries

May 1- 13, 2018
Coastal Bliss Yoga, Tofino, BC

100 HR (YACEP) Management & Prevention of Injuries

with Julia McCabe

DATES: May 1-13, 2018
LOCATION: Coastal Bliss Yoga, Tofino, BC 



This is a registered YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program) for 100hours.

There are many of you who have your 200 and 300 hour certifications but when it comes to injuries, prevention and knowledge of basic anatomy – you may feel overwhelmed or completely in the dark. Most 200 hour programs, mine included, simply don’t have the time to fully immerse in this important aspect.

This program is built to be as comprehensive and user friendly as possible to mainly address common injuries, ailments and basic anatomy for you to work with. This is also open to regular students who are not teachers but would love to learn more about the human body and common ailments.

I find anatomy fascinating but it can be beyond boring if the only study is around memorizing names, origins and insertions. Instead, I want to teach you the good stuff that you’ll remember and be able to take away for your own body or in a private yoga setting.

We will begin the morning sessions with a deep asana practice that will connect the theme of the day. Expect a slow and sweaty practice that will also incorporate pranayama, meditation, Kundalini Kriyas and ball rolling. The afternoons will be dedicated to nerding out, brain work and hands on experience. In the afternoons we will explore comprehensive information regarding: basic anatomy, common injuries and how to respond to them. i.e What is sciatica? What is piriformis syndrome? What are some helpful cues and hands on work we can give students in a yoga studio or private setting? What breath work could be helpful? As well as application of your intuition.

This is NOT a course to replace what physios and chiros do, rather it is a compliment to all other modalities. This is a great course for those who want to understand their own bodies better – as well for building confidence in current teachers repertoire.

PLEASE NOTE: The Yoga Alliance has actually banned the word “therapeutics” to be used in describing any of our programs – but I can’t find seem to find a better word to work with – so officially I’m not allowed to call it therapeutics on their registry. However, the gist of their banning is very important to consider – that this training is NOT to undermine the important work of healing professionals like doctors, physiotherapists, RMT’s, chiros etc.  It is our responsiblity as yoga teachers to be honest with our students when they ask us to “heal” them. Always advise your students to seek professional medical advice in partnership with the healing modalities of yoga. Particularly for those of you new to any kind of anatomy, using your hands/therapeutic work.

If you have any yoga specific questions, my vision and style of teaching, I’d love to chat: juliamariemccabe@gmail.com 

EARLY BIRD TUITION = $1100 INVESTMENT until March 15th / After March 15th = $1300

Program hours: 9-5pm M,W,F,Sat, Sun

8-4pm Tues & Thurs 



Julia McCabe, ERYT 500, Whistler, B.C: I have been teaching full-time since 2003 and have held trainings since 2010, graduating around 200 students worldwide. I have studied mainly with Patrick Creelman (Anusara) Paul Dallaghan (Ashtanga) Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga) but consider many energy healers, motivational speakers, friends and teachers like my mom to be just as influential. I taught at Pure Yoga, Hong Kong for three years – years I refer to as my “university” equivalent in yogic studies – with a handful of wonderful teachers. I have held 200 and 300-hour trainings for the past five years in Nicaragua, Australia, Mexico, Spain, India, Italy, Bali and here in Canada. I have been a part of the Victoria Yoga Conference and Wanderlust Festivals.








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