Graduates - Nicaragua 2012

Palo Palcek

Slovakia & Whistler

Gentle Giant, in Slovakia there is a song that mentions your awesomeness in it.

Katherine Landry

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Water gypsy, world traveller, kapalabhati champion

Barb Koppel

Seattle / San Diego

Beautiful Barb, Beautiful Barb, Beautiful Barb

Diana Newson

Comox, BC

Down home lovin’, organizing guru, fun hoggin’ sweetheart

Lauralie Pellerin

Squamish, BC

Passion Project Recipient, winner of the quiet but deadly funny one-liners, she’s not as mean as she looks here

Laura Thackery

Pemberton, BC

The heavy hitter of the group: petite, feisty and fun.

Elliott Moore

West Palm Beach, Florida

Former teacher, bar slingin’ vagabond and doer of good things in general.  Morning High Fives!  (Every morning…)

Kate Horodyski

Halifax, NS

Sweet, steady, calm, confident and mature beyond her years.   Halifax is lucky to have her!

Maeve Jones

Whistler, BC

Dinosaur aficionado, torturess, and winner of all things amaeving

Allison Glendining

Washington DC, USA

Alli-G, Bones?  She is a woman of many many names and the owner of one big heart

Jenn Lumelski

London, UK

One part British but still very Canadian, graceful, young spirited and elegant yogini galore.

Nickolai Skriabin

Whistler, BC

Three-time Olympian (for realskis, I didn’t know this until day 20 of our training…) massage therapist and humblest man on the planet award.

Andrea Helleman

Squamish, BC

She’s a helluvawoman, photographer, optimist, creative wizard, maevan, Passion Project recipient: Intention, Water