Graduates – Spain 2014

Ashley Brodeur

Calgary, Alberta

Ashley Sassley. Our group was obsessed with seeing your dance moves and  you withheld them like a stealth Gwen Stefani. You are a ridiculously talented woman and teacher, a bodacious presence. Keep rockin’ it, sister.

Amatya Mackintosh

Zurich, Switzerland

The noise of words is obvious to you, instead you listen for intuitive wisdom. You warmed our mountain tribe with your guidance, empathetic ocean heart and quirky humour. Thank you for your leadership amidst the challenges.

Charlotte Gillbanks

Melbourne, Australia

Your tiny body embodies the empowered roar of a thousand lions. Your love for nature is who you are, a nurturer, lover and compassionate goddess. You’d carry us on your back if we were in trouble, a warrior woman you are.

Nadine Einarson

Vancouver, BC

You are a smart whip of a gal and down to earth. Your soft, earnest heart, big smile and sisterly connection played a key role during our 21 days of typical teacher training ups and downs. Keep being the amazing friend that you are, it is such a gift.

Allison Twiss

Whistler, BC

You embody humble. It probably drives you nuts that I am publishing this because you believe you are just doing what you do and it’s not a big deal. Guess what. You are a big deal. You are one of the most delightful easygoing humans I think I’ve ever met, who always sees the positive, always believes in others and has the most contagious laugh! We love you.

Emily Taylor

Kamloops, BC

You’re so darn sweet, strong (bodybuilding champ, hello!) and grounded. Your vision is so clear of how you want to live your life and build your future. Keeping life simple and loving kindly is such a wonderful M.O to live by and I admire that in you.

Nadine Crowe

Whistler, BC

Baby Crowe. I’m not sure what else to say except you exude confidence, poise and courage. You are grace under fire, behind the biggest bluest eyes on the planet. We just love you.

Veronica Michelle Chavez Villa

Quebec City, Quebec

You worked soooo hard! Learning English, Sanskrit and the language of yoga all the same time. You deserve every ounce of love that comes back to you because you give so much of it out. Thank you for being such a beautiful student. Tres bien!

Veronique Jalbert

Quebec, Quebec

You walk with dancerly poise because…you are a dancer! But the poise part comes from who you are, how you have decided to manage life’s curve balls and the loving respect that you give and command from others. I’ll never forget your first day enthusiasm – showing that you are also a fun, loving nerd just like the rest of us. Part-time nerd is key!

Sylvie Mastellone

Whistler, BC

You are a multilingual, worldly, goddess of the ocean. Your life experiences and insights go as deep as your body has free dived. You are an adventurer and true listener – we all really love that about you. Thank you for stepping up when we needed you the most.