Graduates – Ontario 2015

Cheryl Davidson-Knott

Honolulu, Hawaii

Cheryl, like Lester said, you arrived a caterpillar and left a butterfly. (So much more profound when he said it) Yet true! There are promises we all make and I know you will keep yours. Hawaii just got brighter. You are beautiful.

Lyndi Shaw

Revelstoke, BC

You definitely put Revy on the map for us with your daily Revy references. Like you say, good people attract good people. You’re a good egg, Shaw. Whatever you’re doing it works! Keep loving your friends hard, living life with fun in your step and keep on laughing.

Marjolaine Savoie

Quebec, PQ

Oh mademoiselle! You have many travels and stories waiting in the future for you to gobble up. Your voracity and commitment to higher learning will always pay off, whether it is known or not  by others. You have many bright days ahead.

Jeff Moscato

Montreal, PQ / Australia

You my friend, are destined for greatness. I would hire you if I ran MTV, for example. Your smile and laugh is as big as Lake Kashawakamak. I can’t wait to high five you in Australia. You have gold in your blood and extrovert in your DNA. But a little word of advice, the “if you pick your friends, you can pick their noses.” thing… you might want to drop that one.

Brianna Hodson

Grande Prairie, Alberta

Quiet is a way that you master with sensitivity to others, self awareness and active listening. Students who take their time always make the best of teachers. Thank you for reminding me of my sister. You will captivate Grande Prairie with your natural kind way of being and living in the now.

Lester East

North Vancouver, BC

By day 21 we had a novel’s worth of Lesterisms. You are one of the most earnest, real men I’ve taught in a while. Other than fibbin’ about your age for a few days, you are squeaky clean truthful. ha. You are our red-headed Owen Wilson. Most definitely out of a Wes Anderson film, quirky as can be, helping hand, definitely a chopper of wood woodsman and lover of the simple things. We adore you.

Dana Bogoslowski

Hamilton, Ontario

Say your last name ten times fast and that’s how gorgeous of a human you are! You thrive in nature and nature thrives in you. Keep your promises strong, your health burning brightly and the yoga of your life (small and big) close to you. All will always be well because you are loved to the moon and back.

Criss Melendrez

Tijuana, Mexico

We met in Florence, Italy for a brief moment in time. We parted ways. Then you found me months later and arrived in Ontario, of all places. It was synchronicity, fate – whatever you want to call it, we were meant to meet for a reason. What a trooper you are. You are smart, wise sass of a goddess. We loved your candor, diva ways and commitment to learning. Thank you for finding me.

Ashley Milne

Thunder Bay, Ontario

You are an old wise sage in a bright twenty-something year old’s body, a witchywoo-twinky-eyed healer. You’re one of those people who, with a knowing look, reads minds and quantum leaps linear thinking. Your creative genius and healing hands have only just skimmed the surface of potentiality available to you. You can rest on my shoulder anytime, sweet bird, between your long flights to Narnia and back.

Karine Bertrand


You are the type of person who puts others before herself so much so that I didn’t get a proper photo of you! You send loving postcards months after your departure of Northern Lights and poetic wisps, with encouragement at just the right time. Your glow sweeps us into an embrace, a rare warm Northerly wind, soft in approach. Wherever you travel next, I know you will land exactly where you need to be.