Graduates - Whistler 2010

YYoga Co-taught with Kristin Campbell

Helena Krainer


Our tiny blonde Austrian spitfire with a contagious laugh, who is supposedly teaching 100 classes a week in Austria and will most likely create her own method of Hatha Yoga that will include scaling rock walls and meditating upside down.

Jayleen Gordon

Edmonton, AB

Jungle cat yogini with the agility in mind and body. She’s an old soul who is connected beyond her years & always present in her student/teachership. Edmonton is lucky to have such a teacher.

Kerry Duff/Hittinger

Whistler, BC

Who laughed her head off quite a bit at Kristin & I and our hippy rockstar wardrobe. She’s more than just a pretty-faced gal, who arrived to us with a rich heart that kept getting richer. She exudes kindness beyond her book smarts and amazing worldly adventures.

Megan Cochrane

Vancouver, BC

Her porcelain skin glows with the inner essence of Grace(-ful-)Kelly proportions, with her initially quiet demeanor, she fearlessly took the heat of the yoga training (and the heat of a shaman’s stare)…with poise.

Mel Townsen

Whistler, BC

Painted yogini of angelic proportions in both voice and energy, a woman of twenty-hats and her thumbs in twenty-thousand creative pies. She dances, sings and holds hands with Kali and Lakshmi who skip playfully by her side.

Tara Dyberg

Vancouver, BC

Renowned Vancouver Dancer who walks the walk of a ballerina, yogasana’s with equal elegance & out-laughs the lengths of her legs. My quirk hearts Tara’s quirk.

Yoshie Kii

Whistler, BC

She arrived courageously, humbly and always mindfully to practice. With the golden patience of a saint, if we could bottle more Yoshie’s for the world to drink up, our planet’s ego wouldn’t be so thirsty.

Kristy Wright

Vancouver, BC

From creating her own Stand-Up Paddleboard yoga program to adventures teaching in the Antarctic, this woman is as adventurous and unpredictable as her teaching career!  Kristy has such a bright future ahead, my eyes sting lookin’ at her!