Graduates – Pemberton 2014

Christy Brach

Whistler, BC

Christy. I love that you continuously reach out to express your gratitude and share the gifts that yoga has given to you during this powerful time in your life. Your commitment to meditation, helping others heal and your work at the Chopra Centre is so inspiring. You are a bright light greatly needed in our volatile world, right here, right now.

Fabienne Egger

Interlaken, Switzerland

Fabi, your quest for inner peace and self-love is a reflection of what we are all trying to do. You persevere, listen to your gut and are a humble student. Keep on truckin’ and keep inspiring others in Switzerland by keeping it real.

Justine Simmons

North Vancouver, BC

You already GLOW teacher and have a constant smile on your face. It was so lovely to have your skills and wisdom filter into the teachings of yoga. North Van is lucky to have you.

Katie Kennedy

Comox, BC

Katie, I’m so happy Comox has you?! You have no idea how much of a beauty you are, do you? Well know this to be true: you ooze kindness and patience – and as a result, all of us want to be kinder and more patient just by being around you. That is a gift.

Katlyn Danielle

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

You twinkle. You are part of my grad group that falls into the “fairy” category. You are light, sweet and unobtrusive in your power. Fairy dust trails behind you for the rest of us to scoop up. Keep lighting up the world, sweetheart.

Louise Upton

Lake Louise, Alberta

You are strong, dedicated and earnest in your efforts. You are an adventurous gal, to Japan and back, the best has yet to come for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a year from now you’re nailing one-armed handstands! Never change, Louise!

Natasha Zippan

Vancouver, BC

You could have taken over many times and given us lectures on subtle body awareness, prana and chakras! Your knowledge, body awareness of every nook and cranny, and years of self-study is mind-blowing. Whatever you decide to do, you arrive with a well of experience, imperfection and perfection, under your yoga belt. Lucky for you and for everyone you touch.

Pattie Lindsay

Whistler, BC

You were my surprise student. What a treat to know you as a student for so many years and then see you rise to the challenge.  You are a beautiful soul, don’t ever forget it.

Robyn Savage

Whistler, BC

Savage. Bird. You embody healthy confidence and creative entrepreneurship. Whatever you set your mind to, cool as a cucumber, you do it. I hope your Girltribe inspires thousands. I hope you know how honoured and surprised I was that you wanted me to teach you. You’re just so darn cool, my girl crush got in the way sometimes. You are a gem and I can’t WAIT to see what creative project you embrace next, yoga is in it all.

Zac McHugh

Squamish, BC

There was this murmuring of who you were before you arrived. Your rough edges, uncertainty of your place in what yoga is and stories of cracks and missteps – make us love you even more. You deserve every drop of good things in general, every tearful hug you give (we love that about you) and ounce of kindness that comes back to you. You are my brother for life.