Graduates - Whistler 2012

Anna McClean

Squamish, BC

Keep being the voice of exquisite intelligence you already embrace

Dagan Beach

Whistler, BC

Ferris Bueller, you are always loved, talent bursts from your cufflinks.

Cole Manson

Whistler, BC

Dragao the Capoerista, flip us upside down with you and tell us your stories.

Stacy Gosselin

Vancouver, BC

The Voice we love,
sunshine eyes we love to see.

Mel Collings

Whistler, BC

Mel with the Dark Hair, with Blonde Ambition.

Melanie Dicksen

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Mel with the Blonde Hair, who smiles like this all the time.

Sonja Cameron

Whistler, BC

Natural Beauty Personified, Witty one liners too.

Anthony Steven Berlingeri

Toronto, ON

So You Think You Can Dance?  You are our winner. Keep laughing.

Johanna Flyght

Whistler, BC

Peaceful Warrior and Swedish Beauty Deadly Combo.

Tessa Neilson

Whistler, BC

Priestess of an Empowered Vision, raise your arms higher so we can follow.