Graduates – Spain 2013


Bree Dillon

Seattle, Washington

Our goddess at the Top of the Mountain, the Joan of Our Arc

Laura Chrysler

Peterborough, Ontario

Our Goddess at the Bottom of the Mountain, steady, down-to-earth yet uplifting to all of us.

Sherryl Roberts

London, England/ Courcheval, France/ Sydney, Australia

Our dainty yoga fairy, bright eyes, big heart and lovely accent to boot

Jenna Coull

London, England

Our dry humored Brit of the bunch. Earnest, hilarious and just plain wonderful.

Allyce Martins

Allyce Martins

Sydney, Australia

Our cliff /break-time opera singer and angel incarnate. She thought we weren’t listening but we totally were.
Lease on Life


Alice Browning

Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Our laughter guru and dancing vixon. Her laughter and to-the-point positivity is worth more medicine than any modern day doctor can possibly provide.


Nadine Bonnett

Whistler/Vancvouer, Canada

Our gold-medal winner for perseverance and positivity.  She showed up on the mat with a smile showing us she can do anything.

Eleonore Keys

Quebec City, Quebec

Mon Petit Chou. Our little sister of the group whom we all adored and were equally wowed by her soulful, mature teachings.

Amber Mullin

Tofino, British Columbia

Our Soul Sister, marinated trifecta: one part Tofino Ocean, one part Earth Mama and one part empathetic, yogini Ninja.

Sarah Allen

Pemberton, British Columbia

Our Constant-Asana-Smiling Sweetheart. Her smile and unassuming presence during training made our mornings brighter and afternoons even better.

Steph Penkala

Calgary, Alberta / Kamloops, B.C

Our wise intellect beneath bubbles of laughter. Our lawyer in training, definitive of beauty, brains and brawn.

Tawny Zieman

Vernon, B.C

Our leader of the mighty, tiny, feisty, big-hearted hero club.  And animal rescuer.


Alexandra Cote Lavoie

Quebec City, Quebec

Our Smiling Shakti Babe, Captain of the Ship and Dame of Determination.

Julie Lattimer

Pemberton BC / Dubai, UAE

Our Graceful, Twinkley Eyed Princess of Poignant and Wuthering Romance Basket full of Flower’s-Girl
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