Graduates – Pemberton 2015

Heidi MacPherson

Tofino, BC

Our Tofitian teacher. Your quiet, intense studentship was commonly highlighted by piercing insights and calm observations. I am so happy for truthful students like you. You make me want to be better (in general) and navigate with heightened self-awareness.

Sue Price

Williams Lake, BC

My favourite quote from you was, “Julia, well, you’re just full of piss and vinegar!”  I’m not sure if I’ll use that as a testimonial but so happy we share an appreciation for humour and a sprinkle of sarcasm. You are down-home wholesome representing the community of Williams Lake. They are so lucky to have your beautiful, charming heart.

Frances Moody

Whistler, BC

Whistler-bred talent is a rare find! You are a bright, eyes wide open breath of fresh air. You are a big kid and that’s why kids love you. I have a feeling you’ll be this way even when you’re 80. Thanks for being the Eternal Sunshine of our Yogafied Minds.

Jacqueline St. Martin

Vancouver, BC

It’s always a bonus when there is a physio in the group. I appreciate your contribution to our daily asana clinic. Your openness to learning new ways around the human body, mind and spirit was inspiring to watch unfold. You have the kindest eyes, the windows to your smarty pants brains – such a gift to whomever you help heal because sometimes that’s all they’ll need. Keep healing.

Brooke Littleton

Whistler, BC

Brooke, it was happenstance that we bumped into one another at the cafe and I’m so happy we did. You reminded me of the multiplicity of ways in which students learn and express ideas and how important this is as both a teacher and student. You articulate your thoughts even when you think you are doing the opposite, trust that. Congrats on becoming an RMT and  have fun refining your craft to heal others.

Shy-Anne Gunville

Pemberton, BC

You laugh even when adversity strikes and I find that trait so admirable. You have gypsy fairy in your blood and have so much love you don’t know what to do with it all – sometimes you burst! Keep stoking the embers of your inner brightness, it is a slow burn into a life of wisdom. Be the beautiful teacher and mother that you are with effortless effort.

Victoria Downes

Pemberton, BC

Pemby is so lucky to have you. I’m so glad Kim intro’d us. You are genuine, down to earth, fun(!) and a pleasure to teach and learn from. I’m going to guess that you’re one of those people who does small, kind things without thinking it’s a big deal. P.S It’s kinda a big deal. Your way of kindness makes the world hum a happier beat.

Krista Farrell

Pemberton, BC

We figured out that you need to go ride an elephant in Thailand. I love your love for animals. You are a gentle, loving, imaginative teacher – the type that I’d cling onto as an elementary school kid and want to follow around all day. Our world needs more kindness like you so please don’t ever stop being who you are. And whenever it happens, let me know what the elephants have to tell you.

Eric Crowe

Whistler, BC

Hands-down, one of my most loyal student since my return from Hong Kong in 2009. You are a respected man in our community, seriously devoted student of yoga, life and a family whom I adore. I had a chance to teach your daughter and now you! I am so honoured that you chose me as your teacher because you are already such a magnificent one. Thank you, Croweman.

Susan Rowlands Shrimpton

Whistler, BC

My favourite sentence from you throughout, “I won’t say much because I’ll just keep talking.” You exercised the role as a student with diligence! This past year, I’ve been blown away by your deep immersion into the heart of yoga. If I was a guru who gave out spiritual names, I’d also boon you with the moniker of Sadhana Susan. It has a ring to it. Susan the Sadhaka. I can see a reality TV show formulating already. Keep it up, buttercup.

Elle Burke

Banchory, UK

I remember how gracious and keen to be of service you were when I first met you. That always stuck with me, your willingness to reach out to others. Selflessness is such a natural way for you and so challenging for many of us. Thank you for entrusting me as your teacher and so stoked that you surprised yourself at how good of a teacher your truly are.

Shari Kelly

Whistler, BC

In the haze of my concussion, you were my nurse at the time, and quietly shared with me your love of yoga. I believe I grunted and rolled over, taking note of your sweetness. Months later you arrived, same sweet smile and determination, joining 13 others to learn the art of yoga. Your gumption is like a snowball, quietly building momentum and surprising everyone with its massive bang when it hits, like a ridiculous Looneytoon skit – you are much bigger than you think.

Utako Ishii

Maldives / Whistler, BC

Forever 21. That’s Utako. You are an anomaly, an adventurer and a woman with stories to tell and lessons to share. Up in the air and always landing with two feet on the ground, you delighted us all. Thank you for your commitment and courage to arriving – and for making Eric Crowe laugh every day.

Russ Green

Comox, BC

Bendy Gump? You can outrun us and yet have the most open hips on the planet, Your body is as unique as you are. You made my day every day, Russ, and your easy presence. You’re one of those people that others well…just want to hug. We missed you during the last days and can’t wait to see what you do next. You are inspiration on fire. Keep loving, big guy… because there is a Pink Floyd soundtrack somewhere out there singing your song.